U.S. Customs and Border Protection Enforcement Sniper Dropped an Armed Mexican National Like a Sack of Shit

This is how it’s done.

Western Journal

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection enforcement sniper dropped an armed Mexican national dead last week from an impressive 275 yards away after that person pointed a loaded handgun at another person along the border, the agency said.

In a lengthy news release, CBP described how the marksman took careful aim, acquired the target and fatally shot a man who very well might have killed another person while they and others were illegally on U.S. soil near San Diego, California.

The report actually leads to an important question: Why doesn’t the Department of Homeland Security use such highly-trained agents to shut down the border amid the ongoing three-year invasion?

We aren’t likely to get a straight answer to that question, but we can take a moment to marvel at how well the men and women of CBP do their jobs when they are allowed to.

According to the agency, it dispatched a sniper team to the Puebla Tree area of the Otay Mountains, which is a remote area far from a legal border entry area, on March 3.

“[U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit] was actively monitoring this area — where there is a paved road winding through the mountains – because of recent reports of armed robberies and assaults targeting groups of migrants crossing into the United States,” CBS said in a statement.

The agency added, “A small group of BORTAC agents was concealed approximately 70 yards north of the border along a ravine near the paved road. Additional BORTAC agents, including a precision marksman, were positioned on high ground approximately 275 yards away, providing overwatch of the area.”

According to the news release, it didn’t take long for its trained marksman to see trouble and to potentially save a life with a well-placed shot.

CBP said that the shooting occurred during what appeared to be a robbery and that the perpetrator never saw his fate coming.

……The agency said a number of others who were with the deceased man scattered back across the border into Mexico and speculated they were also armed.

This method should be used to take out every single vermin who invades the border.

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