UCLA Students Get Threatened for Pointing Out That There Are Two Genders

That’s XX and XY for the biologically ignorant.


From Campus Reform

Four University of California, Los Angeles students are facing a social media firestorm after posing for a photo with signs criticizing the the transgender bathroom movement.

Haley Nieves, Julia Nista, Carlos Flores, and Victoria Metzel, all of whom are members of the College Republicans chapter at UCLA, attended an event last week featuring conservative columnist and activist Matt Walsh entitled “ An Encroachment on Liberty: How the Left Exploits Transgender Laws,” which was hosted by University of California at Santa Barbara students affiliated with Young Americans for Liberty.

The event focused on the recent controversies surrounding transgender individuals and laws regarding bathrooms and other public facilities, and was billed as a discussion of different ideas and ideologies with students from both the right and the left.

According to Nieves, a Sophomore at UCLA, the event itself was respectful and engaging, but the subsequent backlash has been anything but.

“One of the primary purposes of the event was to stimulate thoughtful dialogue between individuals of differing political opinions, and as such, we engaged in discussion with some individuals from the left in a respectful and courteous manner at the lecture itself,” Nieves told Campus Reform.

Just before entering the event itself, however, the four UCLA conservatives posed for a photo holding homemade signs expressing their beliefs.

The signs, which were brought into the event but not actually used to protest in any way, read “Get your agenda out of my restroom!”, “There are only two genders!”, and finally “Transgenderism is a mental disorder!”

However, soon after the photo was posted to Facebook, an uproar from liberal students and LGBT activists began, some of which were provided to Campus Reform as screenshots.

“I hope the earth suddenly opens up and swallows you all whole sending you directly to the firey [sic] pits of hell,” ranted still another, concluding the post with a smiley face for good measure.

Without a hint of irony, one Facebook user even sent an ineloquent and vitriolic message denouncing the “hate speech” written on the students’ signs, saying, “You’re a fucking piece of shit. I hope I find you so I can bash your face in myself. Disgusting piece of shit spreading hate online. I hope you die cunt.”

The students were also quickly condemned by Student Government leaders, including Heather Rosen, President of the UCLA Student Government, and Dahlia Salem, President of the California Community Colleges Senate, who even compared the UCLA conservatives to the terrorist group ISIS in a Facebook post.


In other words, stating the fact that there are two human biological genders on this planet, that the public restroom you use should match your actual gender, and privacy should be respected,  is “hate speech”, “bigotry”, and an affront to the sensibilities of leftwing crybullies.  Got it.

Nothing like a SJW Proglodyte spewing hate on social media in the name of ‘tolerance’.


It wasn’t long before the students began to experience death threats, according to Nieves.

“I received a phone call shortly afterwards from my boss, who informed me that someone called the place of business threatening them,” she told Campus Reform.

Another student, Julia Nista, said the reaction has been just as bad for her, with death threats and personal attacks coming from various social media outlets. All of the students who posed for the photo have been targeted online, and according to Julia Nista, she now feels isolated on her own campus:

“Honestly, I feel isolated from the UCLA community,” she said. “If anything we struck a tabooed chord with them, but I have a good group of friends who believe the way I do and we are supporting each other.”

The backlash continues to come from both students and the community at large, but Metzel dismissed its significance, arguing that the threats merely “display the Left’s blatant intolerance for opposition and unwillingness to discuss controversial topics freely and civilly.”


Realizing that there are opposing viewpoints and engaging in intelligent discourse have never been part of the Left’s mentality.

Neither has common sense.


3 thoughts on “UCLA Students Get Threatened for Pointing Out That There Are Two Genders”

  1. “In other words, stating the fact that there are two human biological genders on this planet, that the public restroom you use should match your actual gender, and privacy should be respected, is “hate speech”, “bigotry”, and an affront to the sensibilities of leftwing crybullies. Got it.”

    The fact you get science wrong is sad:

    You can’t even differenrate between sex and gender: https://www.reddit.com/r/GGdiscussion/comments/ete11k/billy_d_aka_oneangrygamer_has_returned_and_is_as/

    1. Ryu,

      There’s only two genders/sexes on planet earth: Male and Female. The idea that you can “identify” as a particular gender and magically change your sex is a mentally deranged invention of the Left.

      Sadly, the “woke” medical community placates psychologically damaged people and feeds into the dysphoria with junk science. Children are being mutilated because of this politicized garbage. They’re pushing puberty blockers and grotesque surgeries, such as cutting off young girls breasts breasts and constructing fake penises from tissue from other body parts. This shit would make Joseph Mengele blush. There are hospitals and healthcare corporations that push ‘gender affirming‘ programs, hysterectomies, and transgender surgeries on minors. “Gender identity” and all the insane concocted ‘pronouns’ did not originate with kids or mentally stable people. Kids don’t think of that shit on their own. It started with unhinged lunatics who pushed this abnormal behavior in the media and in schools. People are sick of it and they’re fighting back.
      If you approve of the Frankenstein experiments being done on kids, you’re sick as fuck.

      SFC MAC

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