Ukraine and Russia Are Two Sides of the Same Rotten Coin

Biden cares more about the borders of the corrupt country that paid his family billions for shady deals, than he does our own borders.

Everyone has their panties in a wad over Russia’s incursion into Ukraine.  Compare the two countries and there isn’t much difference.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has arrested Kiev’s top politicians and cracked down on domestic news outlets. The country has a lengthy history of corruption.

As for Russia, Vladimir Putin uses the old Soviet standby to get rid of dissent.  He assassinates political opponents.  Opposition activist Artem Basyrov, was sent to a psychiatric hospital by authorities a day before a planned demonstration.  Putin also tightened his grip on the media by replacing the main news agency with one that will propagate his message without objections.

Vladimir Putin engineered his return to power through corruption, intimidation, murder, and setting up Dmitry Medvedev as a temporary sockpuppet.  His domestic spying program is a carbon copy of the old KGB.  Everything he does is a throwback to the old Soviet regime.

Biden’s foreign policy disasters and his decaying mental state have our allies shaking their heads and our enemies laughing their asses off.

Russia will do what it wants with Ukraine.  It’s not in America’s interest to give a shit.



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