Unchecked Racism on Moonbat Matthew Yglesias’ Blog

From Yglesias’ website:

Michael Steele Says:
March 31st, 2010 at 10:01 am

Drill baby drill! Drill baby drill! Drill baby drill!

I’m a good house nigger.

Yglesias is one of the leftwing assclowns who throws the race card everytime someone dares to criticize his affection for Obamessiah.
Now, remember: If this happened on a conservative website, the leftwing blogosphere would have a fucking hissy fit.

5 thoughts on “Unchecked Racism on Moonbat Matthew Yglesias’ Blog”

    1. jonolan,

      It gets much worse, too. They’ve been trolling on other sites, dropping the “nigger” epithet, in an attempt to assign bigotry to conservative sites.
      From Ace of Spades: Matthew Yglesias’ Readers Now Spamming Other Sites With the N-Word

      The Leftards have absolutely no class.

      SFC MAC

  1. butt neckid

    HISSY FIT?????

    where the hell do you get ’em….

    I’m still lookin’ for a 1997 Huff so
    I can leave in it…..

    FOR SALE 2009 HENWAY…..

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