Unelected Global Cabal Dictates a New Merchant Code for Gun Shop Sales, Visa, Mastercard and American Express Kowtow

So, to “stop gun violence” they will target legitimate credit card purchases of guns, while criminals still get them on the streets or steal them to commit crimes. They are violating the US Constitution by using the private sector to monitor citizens who exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

Western Journal

New rules being accepted by credit card companies will allow all gun shop purchases made with a credit card to be tracked as such.

The International Organization for Standardization, an international body,  announced Friday that it was creating a new merchant code for gun shop sales. Such stores had formerly been classified as dealers in “general merchandise,” according to Fox Business.

As noted by CNBC, the code will show where a purchase was made and the amount, but not what was bought.

Visa, Mastercard and American Express have said they will abide by the new rule.

“Following ISO’s decision to establish a new merchant category code, Visa will proceed with next steps, while ensuring we protect all legal commerce on the Visa network in accordance with our long-standing rules,” Visa said in a statement.

Fauxcahontas speaks:

“This approval is an important step towards improving coordination with law enforcement and preventing gun violence,” Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts said, according to The New York Times. “In order for this new merchant code to be maximally effective, every financial institution and payment system needs to step up and put it to use.”

In other words, more abuse of government power and intrusion into citizens’ private lives and decisions.

The National Rifle Association objected to the change.

“The [industry’s] decision to create a firearm-specific code is nothing more than a capitulation to anti-gun politicians and activists bent on eroding the rights of law-abiding Americans one transaction at a time,” National Rifle Association spokesman Lars Dalseide said, according to Fox Business.

The change was sought by Amalgamated Bank of New York…..The concept of the code, according to its proponents, is that an individual racking up one or several large purchases at a gun store could be someone who is planning some type of suspicious activity.

I’ve always purchased my firearms with cash, from private owners. Looks like it’s the smart thing to do.

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