Unionized TSA Will Elliminate Pay for Performance

Not that they have much in the way of merit for their salary anyway, but this will complete the TSA’s descent into thuggery, incompetence, and mismanagement.

With 8,000 of the TSA’s 40,000 employees voting to unionize, the American Federation of Government Employees is now organizing the federal agency’s work force. Their top priority? Getting rid of all this “discriminatory” pay-for-performance nonsense.

Paying and promotion of employees based on performance and skill is very un-union. Everybody will be equally penalized, regardless of how hard they work and how well they do their jobs.  Those who cannot tell the difference between a nail clipper and a terrorist will still be employed. It’s an idea that dates back to Karl Marx:

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Just think, this agency known for targeting mentally retarded people, little old white ladies in wheelchairs, and children instead of muslim terrorists, will have an organized labor mafia to ensure none of them get fired.

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