VA Lawmakers Reject Northam’s Attack on the Second Amendment

Even some Dems joined in to smack down Northam’s attack on the Bill of Rights.

Via Fox News

A bill backed by Gov. Ralph Northam that would ban the sale of assault-style weapons in Virginia failed on a committee vote Monday morning, setting back one of the biggest priorities for the newly minted Democrat-controlled government in the state.

A crowd of gun-rights activists packed into the committee room cheered as the vote came in, with four moderate Democrats joining Republicans to shelve the bill until next year. Heated exchanges over guns have dominated this year’s legislative session. They were also a key topic of last year’s legislative elections – particularly after a mass shooting in Virginia Beach claimed a dozen lives – and gun control groups heavily funded Democratic candidates.

Gun-rights protesters have been out in force for weeks in Richmond, Va., the state’s capital, over Democrats’ gun control agenda.

“I have friends that are not going to comply,” warned Nicholas McGraw, a gun owner from King William County who came to protest the assault weapons bill on Feb. 7, before the measure died.

McGraw’s comments reflected the attitude of many conservatives and Second Amendment activists in Virginia, especially in its more rural areas. More than 100 Virginia cities and counties have declared themselves to be sanctuary jurisdictions for gun rights since Democrats, led by Gov. Northam, took control of the state’s government.


Thousands of armed patriots demonstrated outside the VA capitol in support of citizens’ right to bear arms. The protest concluded peacefully,  in spite of the media salivating over their predictions of violence.

It’s all about control; in the world according to Progs, some people are more deserving of the 2nd Amendment than others, and they selectively exploit and politicize gun-related crimes.

If you love your rights and liberties, defend them as if your life depended on it; because it does.



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