Videographer in Jail for the Crime of Filming Ashli Babbitt’s Murder

Samuel Montoya is a political prisoner.

Tucker Carlson

……The standards that big news organizations use to cover shootings depend entirely on the political views of the people who get shot. When The Washington Post doesn’t like the candidates you vote for, they suppress the details of the case. In the case of Ashli Babbitt, we’d know next to nothing about how she died, and we wouldn’t know anything if her shooting hadn’t been captured on video by people who don’t work at the Washington Post.

One of those people is a video editor from Texas called Samuel Montyoa. Montoya was in the U.S. Capitol that day. Montoya doesn’t look much like a White supremacist, and he has no criminal history that we’re aware of. On Jan. 6, Samuel Montoya took what may be the clearest video of Ashli Babbitt’s death:

When you watch the video, there are a lot of things to notice. Ashli Babbitt had no weapon. She wasn’t attacking anyone. She couldn’t attack anyone, because she was climbing through a window at the moment she was shot. But what’s most striking is that several Capitol Hill police officers in paramilitary gear were standing directly behind Babbitt when she was killed. They were carrying what Joe Biden refers to as weapons of war — loaded AR-15s.

So tell us again how Ashli Babbitt posed an imminent physical threat to anyone when she was shot. She didn’t. Samuel Montoya’s footage proves it. And we’re grateful we have that tape. If we didn’t, The New York Times would be telling us that Ashli Babbitt was beating people to death with a fire extinguisher when she was killed.  Thanks to Samuel Montoya, the New York Times can’t claim that.

We’d love to have Montoya on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to describe what he saw that day, but we can’t do that, because he’s in jail. Yesterday, a large group of armed federal agents showed up at his house in Austin. They smashed Montoya’s front door, confiscated his electronic devices and threw him in jail. He’s behind bars right now.  What was his crime?

Well, to find out, we read the Biden administration’s arrest warrant application. The FBI says it began investigating Montoya after one of his family members provided “proof that Montoya was physically inside the U.S. Capital near the shooting of a woman on January 6, 2021.”  To be clear, Montoya didn’t shoot the woman. He just happened to be nearby.

But wait a second. Weren’t there plenty of journalists inside the Capitol on Jan. 6? According to CNN, yes there were. CNN ran a piece telling us that, “Congressional reporters became the country’s eyes and ears as rioters stormed Capitol Hill.” So why hasn’t the FBI arrested the people CNN identified in its story — the photographers from Getty, the political reporters from NBC, the congressional correspondents from CNN and the AP?

Well, that’s a good question. The FBI explains why in the warrant affidavit. “At times during the video, Montoya describes himself to others inside the Capitol Building as a ‘reporter’ or ‘journalist’ as he attempts to get through crowds.” And yet, the FBI concludes, “The director of the Congressional press galleries within the Senate Press office did a name check on Samuel Christopher Montoya and confirmed that no one by that name has Congressional press credentials as an individual, or via any other organizations.”

So that’s the standard. If the U.S. Congress’s credentialing office says that you’re not a journalist, you’re not a journalist. Did Samuel Montoya have strong personal political views? Apparently he did. But you may have noticed that’s not so unusual in journalism right now. So why is journalist Samuel Montoya behind bars tonight? Well, he committed a crime? “Interfering with government business.” In other words, trespassing. If this happened in Ukraine, what are the chances NBC News would describe Samuel Montoya as a “dissident journalist,” and then describe Ashli Babbitt an “unarmed pro-democracy demonstrator”? The chances are roughly 100%.

But this is America, and they’re not saying that. Instead they’re telling us that Ashli Babbitt deserved to die.


Meanwhile, Antifa and BLM thugs are rampaging (again), this time in Brooklyn Center, MN, as the mayor called them “peaceful” and said that cops shouldn’t be armed during traffic stops.



Biden voters burned a police building in Portland, Oregon.

Of course, that comes with the BLM stamp of approval:


The same DemProg politicians who scream ‘defund the cops’ have their own police force in the form of private and secret service security.

It’s all fun and games until the revolution you cheered shows up on your doorstep. The same animals who destroy community businesses in the name of ‘social justice, should go to the neighborhoods of the wealthy liberals who watch their carnage from the sidelines.


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