Virginia Student Battles ‘Woke Teacher’ Over Critical Race Theory

This kid was chastised for not being racially divisive.

Daily Wire

Video footage shows a Virginia public school teacher bullying a student for saying he takes a colorblind approach to observing people.

A school teacher in Virginia’s Loudoun County Public School district — one of the wealthiest districts in the nation — was caught on tape telling a student that it is important to see racial differences when observing people.

For a class assignment, the teacher posted a photo of two females, one with white skin and red hair and another with black skin and black hair. Students were asked to observe what they saw in the picture.

One unnamed student responded by saying he saw “just two people chillin’.” The teacher called the student “intentionally coy” for not categorizing the women by their race.

Teacher: Tell me what this seems to be a picture of.

Student: It’s just two people chillin’.

Teacher: Right, just two people. Nothing more to that picture?

Student: Nah, not really. Just two people chillin’.

Teacher: I don’t believe that you believe that. I don’t believe that you look at this as just two people.

Student: It truly is just two people though, is it not?

Teacher: I think you’re being intentionally coy about what this is a picture of.

Student: What am I being coy about? It’s two people standing back-to-back in a picture.

Teacher: Yeah, and that’s all you see? Just two people?

Student: I’m confused on what you would like me to speak on.

Teacher: I don’t think you are. I don’t know why you do this. I’m not trying to call you out, but you … you act as if there’s nothing noticeable about this apart from the fact that there’s two people.

Student: Well I’m confused. Are you trying to get me to say that there are two different races in this picture?

Teacher: Yes, I am asking you to say that.

Student: Well, at the end of the day, wouldn’t that just be feeding into the problem of looking at race instead of just acknowledging them as two normal people?

Teacher: No, it’s not. Because you can’t not look at, you can’t look at the people and not acknowledge that there are racial differences.

The student knew what the teacher was trying to pull, and refused to fall into his racial trap.  Not only that, but that asshole of a ‘teacher’ does everything to emphasize race instead of looking at two ordinary people as equal. That’s pretty fucking racist.


Parents emailed the school board demanding they investigate why “Critical Race Theory,” the theory that teaches people that race is a social construct designed to oppress minorities, was being taught in the classroom.

In a Facebook post obtained by The Daily Wire, far-left school board member Beth Barts denied that the school was teaching Critical Race Theory to kids. In the same post, she admitted that students were learning about Critical Race Theory — among other theories — in the classroom.

“For the parents who emailed us about the slides from a high school class that they felt indicated LCPS is teaching Critical Race Theory and demanded we seek answers,” Barts said. “The video (that has now made its way to social media) is an excerpt of a class discussion in a ‘Dual Enrollment College Level English course’ (note the college) in which students were exposed to different literacy theories as a way of critiquing different pieces of literature. CRT was an example of a theory that can be applied to literary criticism. Other theories such as structuralism, deconstructionism, and feminism were also shared.”

She concluded by claiming that “LCPS is not teaching CRT nor has our staff been trained in CRT.”

Barts is a controversial school board member who was previously disciplined by colleagues for politically-driven social media posts. She was part of a Facebook group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County,” where she demanded that parents “call out statements and actions that undermine our stated plan to end systemic racism.”


Leftwing indoctrination in America’s schools has become a malignancy.  Academic intelligentsia wants complete control of your kids and it will use union propaganda, insults, dismissive epithets, and force to get it.

The modern school curriculum has been warped to produce racially divisive bots who loathe themselves if they’re Caucasian and give subservient deference to those who aren’t. That is the epitome of racism.

The Left’s academic cancel culture against whites includes eliminating grading standards, telling bi-racial students they should confront their ‘white dominance’, telling school kids they’re “born racist”, and that “all white people perpetuate systematic racism

For years liberals pushed the concept of racial equality and that everyone, regardless of skin color, should be judged on merit.  Not anymore.


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2 thoughts on “Virginia Student Battles ‘Woke Teacher’ Over Critical Race Theory”

  1. John D. Egbert

    I have maintained, forever is seems, that there is only one Race: Human, or Homo Sapiens. There are, however, three broad ethnic sub-divisions: in alphabetical order — Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid. All are Human.

    By extension, in the English language there are three genders: Masculine, Feminine, Neuter. These are grammatical terms. Further, in English, there are two sexes: Male, Female. These are biological (read scientific) terms. An easy memory key: Pronouns have gender; People have SEX.

    1. John,
      Right on the money. Leftards have resorted to pushing skin color for their agenda. That’s all they’ve got.

      SFC MAC

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