WaPo Hack Richard Cohen: ‘The country suffers from a surfeit of democracy’

“Surfeit”, meaning too much.

Hat Tip to David Hogberg  at Investors.com

The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen explains why President Obama hasn’t been able to ram his health care overhaul through Congress: democracy:

“The baleful fact is that the country suffers from a surfeit of democracy — a gazillion interest groups, a gazillion blogs, a gazillion talk shows and all of them insisting on transparency so a gazillion eyes peer over the shoulders of politicians. The black but necessary art of politics shies from the sun. Little gets done. Backrooms have been turned into rec rooms and meetings are seminars. We are doomed. Worse, we are bored.”

Why, the nerve of all those Americans! Actually demanding to know the details of a process that is creating a bill that will radically impact their lives.

Cohen isn’t an isolated example. Thomas Friedman has repeatedly gushed about China’s “reasonably enlightened” authoritarian rulers and how they are so much more effective than America’s democracy.

If conservatives disparaged democracy like Cohen and Friedman, they’d be raked over the coals, and rightly so.
More: http://blogs.investors.com/capitalhill/index.php/home/35-politics/1495-liberals-say-america-has-too-much-democracy

Notice how leftwingnuts never think there’s “too much democracy” whenever the “gazillion interest groups and talk shows” are liberal.
We think we have the right to demand our government carry out the business of our country and decisions that affect us, out in the open and not behind locked doors.
Damned, uppity, rank-and-file masses. How dare we.
Debate just mires the issues; we should just bend over and take whatever the socialist autocrats dish out. That way, more of what the government wants, gets done.

Cohen is in the same effete group as Matthew Yglesias and Joe Klein, who think that anyone who opposes the idea of a socialist ‘utopia’ is “ungovernable” and “too dumb to thrive”.

Truth is, the country suffers from a surfeit of Richard Cohens.

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2 thoughts on “WaPo Hack Richard Cohen: ‘The country suffers from a surfeit of democracy’”

  1. Richard Cohen is a scum sucking commie. Just seeing his name and that head shot at the head of an he wrote article let’s me know it not worth reading. He whines, he weakly wheedles, he exaggerates like a little tween girl.

    Forget this dumbass. He isn’t worth your precious time.

    1. Dan,

      Assholes like Cohen are part of the media elite in this country who think their vulgar opinions should go unopposed. They have this idea that the masses are too stupid to appreciate the socialist gift that occupies the White House and we just don’t understand that the government knows what’s good for us.

      It took the consequences of electing a Marxist Alinskyite to jolt Middle America out of its coma. The effects of the Dem autocracy is being felt in 15% unemployment, an abyss of debt and deficit, unprecedented acts of un-Constitutional hubris and violation of our rights.

      When a president, a Speaker of the House, and members of our legislature get up in front of the American people and declare: “We will do this whether you want it or like it, and regardless of the long term economic disaster”, it’s time for another Revolution in this country. We rebeled against tyranny before, and we’re doing it again. Some “kings” and media elites have to learn the hard way.

      SFC MAC

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