Watch: Portland ‘Tourist Video’ Lampoons Antifa Thugs

Via Big League Politics


Portland is an anarchist enclave overrun with violent antifa thugs. Their members are real sewer dwellers:

“Of all the violent far-left extremist groups we monitor, the Portland Antifa cell, Rose City Antifa, is one of the most active. Like the Berkeley cell, Rose City Antifa appears to have the tacit support of their Mayor, and like most other Antifa cells, Twitter’s Terms of Service do not appear to apply to them. This cell actively doxes people they believe to be fascists and instructs their 12K followers to engage in targeted harassment and violence with zero recourse from Twitter. They also work closely with other far-left groups in Portland like PDX Resistance whose leader, Micah Rhodes, was recently convicted for multiple counts of sexual assault against a minor.”

—Far Left Watch


Antifa is a Soros-backed group that attacked peaceful rightwing protesters in Berkeley and Charlottesville,  and has been justifiably declared a domestic terrorist group by the Department of Homeland Security. They don’t protest, they riot.  Media like CNN loves them.

Watch as antifa thugs plan violence against conservatives and bring weapons to attack them, as the liberal media turns the other way.



These punks are concentrated in predominantly leftwing bastions like Oregon and California. Try that in the heartland, and I guarantee they will go back to mommy in a body bag.



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