Wealthy Black Billionaire: “The System of White People” Keeps Black Citizens off “The Ladder of Success.”

Is she fucking serious?  She got wealthy in a country of opportunity for anyone with determination and work ethic. She can stop blaming whitey now.


Washinton Times

Billionaire Oprah Winfrey says it’s important for Americans to realize that “the system of White people” continues to keep Black citizens off “the ladder of success.”

The media mogul made the comments July 31 on her Apple TV+ show “The Oprah Conversation,” which included former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho.

Ms. Winfrey titled the episode “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man: Part 1,” in honor of the ex-athlete’s YouTube conversations under the same banner. 

“I’ve created this for you because in order to stand with us and people that look like me, you have to be educated on issues that pertain to me and fully educated so you can feel the full level of pain so that you can have full understanding,” Mr. Acho said during the episode’s introduction. “I fervently believe that if the White person is your problem, only the White person can be your solution.”

……“As a Black person, White people for the proverbial phrase of White people, they run America. CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, execs, ownership, they run America. Not an individual White person, but collective White people,” Mr. Acho told a guest who was concerned that conversations on race were prone to ignoring or downplaying the existence of poor Whites. “Are there some poor White people in America? Absolutely. How did that happen? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. Because as a Black person, I understand how we got poor. I totally get that.”

……“There are White people who are not as powerful as the system of White people — the caste system that’s been put in place — but they still, no matter where they are on the rung or the ladder of success, they still have their Whiteness,” Ms. Winfrey said.

The host added that no matter how poor a White person is, they will still have “privilege” over their Black neighbors.

“You still have your Whiteness,” she said. “That’s what the term ‘White privilege’ is. It means that Whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter what.”


Hey white people, no matter how poor you are, or how hard you had to work to scrape by or eventually succeed, it’s because you’re “privileged”. 

From a comment at the link: 


I keep hearing the phrases “white privilege” and “white supremacy” every time a race hustler spews their nonsense. I want to know where the hell I can get mine. My environment was far from prosperous. I come from a working class family in a racially ‘diverse’, economically depressed neighborhood. My mother raised 7 kids, mostly by herself because both ex husbands thought child support was a joke. We all worked. My two older sisters worked two part time jobs, and my mother worked to make ends meet. It was a hell of a struggle.

I joined the Army at the age of 18 and served a total of 30 years (20 Active, 10 Reserves). My skin color didn’t exempt me from two combat tours in Iraq. My Associate’s Degree was earned at a community college because that’s all my GI Bill and pocket could afford. My pension is still not enough to cover all the bills, but I still have Social Security. Whoopie.
No one gave me a free meal ticket because I’m a hyphenated ‘Caucasian’. Some people may have a terminal case of white guilt, but I have no reason to feel guilty. I’m Irish, Scots, German, and Cherokee. I will never apologize for my ancestry, heritage, or skin color. Get over it.

Having lived and grown up in a hard scrabble environment,  I don’t need some mealy-mouthed liberal preaching about privilege in an attempt to elicit guilt to justify their own bigotry.

Anyone who has a problem with that can kiss my bare white ass.

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  1. I was travelling across Harris County on Thursday (6 August 2020) in order to meet with the Harris County Appraisal District so that I could tell them that there were other non-commercial properties that were getting the deal I am legally obligated to.

    While making that trip, I overheard a radio report of Oprah and her slanted forum. She is an entitled idiot who was put in that entitled position by White women who she now blames.

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