Weather Underground Terrorist Kathy Boudin Croaks at 78

New York Post

Kathy Boudin, who spent decades in prison for her part in the deadly 1981 Brink’s armored truck heist as a member of the radical militant group Weather Underground, died of cancer at the age of 78 in New York on Sunday.

In October 1981, Boudin and members of the group teamed up with the Black Liberation Army for the robbery to help fund their anti-government campaigns. They targeted a Brink’s armored truck, which they held up in Rockland County, making off with $1.6 million.

During the robbery, gunmen killed Brink’s security guard Peter Paige before transferring the money to a U-Haul truck a mile away, where a 38-year-old Boudin sat in the cabin.

The truck was stopped by police at a roadblock, where Boudin — unarmed — immediately surrendered. Gunmen in the back of the truck popped outside and began firing on the officers, killing two policemen — Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly Brown.

She pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery and second-degree murder in the death of Paige in 1984.

She spent 22 years in prison before she was paroled for good behavior in 2003.


In 1981, Weather Underground members David J. Gilbert and Kathy Boudin hooked up with a black nationalist group called “The Family”, to carry out a Brinks armored car robbery. Two police officers and a security guard were murdered.

Of the 13 WU leaders indicted for the terrorism spree, only Boudin, Gilbert, and Matthew Landy Steen, who was a culprit in the U.S. Capitol bombing, spent time in prison. No other WU member was ever convicted of the crimes they committed.

In 1973 the government requested dropping charges against most of the WUO members. The requests cited a decision by the SCOTUS that barred electronic surveillance without a court order, which effectively voided the government’s case.  It did not want to disclose the foreign intelligence secrets that would come out during trial. Steen’s sentence was commuted by bat-shit stupid Jimmy Carter, who gave amnesty to every scumbag he could.

Boudin was paroled in 2003, and (surprise) along with fellow terrorist Bill Ayers, joined the ranks of leftwing academic intelligentsia.

More on the  fully detailed reality of the violent communist revolution engaged by Boudin and her comrades:

The story of Kathy Boudin’s crimes and her victims is bloody and ugly. Many details get left out or smoothed over, even by her critics. There’s a wider importance to Boudin’s story: it’s yet another example of how the left uses America’s most respected universities as both a breeding ground and a retirement home for radicals; a way to give violent ideologically driven criminals both legitimacy and a paycheck, often at taxpayers’ expense.

……Kathy Boudin checked a book out of the library called The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives.

A little before noon on March 6, 1970 one of the bombs was accidentally detonated. Cathy Wilkerson was in an upstairs bathroom and Boudin was in the shower when the explosion ripped through the historic townhouse.

As Cathy Wilkerson wrote later, “The whole townhouse rose up a foot or two, shattering bricks and splintering wooden beams, and then was transformed into dust and rubble, shuddering into a deep pit in which a ruptured gas main burst into flame.”

A fully nude Boudin and half-dressed Wilkerson ran into the street. Stunned next door neighbor Dustin Hoffman surveyed the destruction. Hoffman’s wife covered up Boudin and Henry Fonda’s ex-wife took the girls in.

Three members of the Weather Underground weren’t as lucky as Wilkerson and Boudin. Authorities found the “headless body of a young woman, missing both hands and a foot, and riddled with roofing nails.” That was Diana Oughton, Boudin’s fellow Bryn Mawr alumna. Two other terrorists were killed, Terry Robbins and Ted Gold; Robbins body was so completely demolished that he was only identified when the Weathermen announced his loss weeks later.

The pipe bombs were put together with nails and dynamite. They had been intended to be detonated at a dance at New Jersey’s Fort Dix for non-commissioned officers and their wives or girlfriends.


Her son, Chesa Boudin, a red-diaper baby who was raised by Underground leaders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in Chicago while his parents were shipped off to prison, is a San Francisco DA.  He wants to ‘address such issues as police misconduct and racial bias and bail reform’ and was supported by Prog Bernie Sanders.  I’m shocked.

The Weather Underground had big plans for the aftermath of a revolutionary takeover of the U.S.  They wanted to place millions of people (counter revolutionists) in ‘re-education camps’ and  ‘eliminate them’.

Boudin is in hell. Where she belongs.



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