Welcome to the (Tea) Party of HELL NO!

Hat Tip to Looking At The Left.


In 2009 big things happened in America. Some were good and some were not. One of the good big things was the birth of the Tea Party Movement. It is made up of angry Americans of every socioeconomic, ethnic, and racial stripe. They have been called the happiest, most courteous, hardworking and responsible angry people in the world. (They have been called other things too, but I’ll get to that later.) They see their movement as a great revolt against years of fiscally ruinous, unconstitutional misrule by a corrupt political class in Washington and the States.

Note to rags like the New York Times and LA Times: Go to that site and take a good look at the cross section of Americans. All those minorities fly right in the face of your claim that we are a “whites only” movement.

1 thought on “Welcome to the (Tea) Party of HELL NO!”

  1. butt neckid

    Hold on there……..

    those two non white fellas

    have their eyes closed….

    are they really alive???

    or held at gun point…..

    it just can’t be……..

    the party of HELL NO is

    for whites on’y…..ask


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