What “Change” Looks Like

Via Big Journalism.

According to the Department of Labor, although claims for unemployment decreased in the week ending April 14, the 4-week moving average was 374,750, up 5,500 from the previous week’s revised average of 369,250.

This means that the economy is not improving, despite administration claims that it is. In Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, the number of firms that provided earnings guidance to investors in March was 27, which was the lowest ever for the month of March and the second-lowest of any month since 2000. This means that companies are nervous about their future earnings.

But the media continues to trumpet their calls of triumph for the Obama economy, despite the loosened money policy that creates an artificially inflated market. CBS, one of the arms of the vast left-wing conspiracy, hilariously titled a piece on the economy, “Economic outlook dim, but improving.” NBC, not to be outdone, had Matt Lauer say to Sarah Palin,  “Some people would say if things seem to get better, or be getting better, why would I take that chance and change the person in the White House?” And ABC? How’s this? George Stephanopolous, in March, “The economy has added more jobs than expected in each of the past three months…”  And just whose expectations was he referring to?

More devastating facts about Obama’s Keynesian economics include the upswing in foreclosures and the record number of unemployed Americans.  Obama blames bad luck, Bush, technology, and the Arab Spring’ and Japan tsunami. Timothy (Turbotax) Geithner blames the rest of the world.

Obama’s ‘stimulus’ cost more than both wars combined.  There’s still out-of-control spending. The effects of ObamaCare are already being felt ahead of its 2014 enforcement date.

And his sycophantic supporters still have not had enough. 

Everything (and more) that I predicted at the beginning of this train wreck’s time in office has come true.  If there are four more years of this ‘fundamental change’, the United States will make Greece look like an economic giant.

2 thoughts on “What “Change” Looks Like”

  1. off the reservation

    In previous post, I meant that the S&P and NASDAQ trading volume is falling while their values are going up.

  2. off the reservation

    Since 2010, all sorts of indicators have been screwed around with by various elements of the USeless Govt. Notice that S&P and NASDAQ has been falling since 2010 while both markets are going up. The liberal elites smokes their fancy cigars, sip their fine wines, and pontificate in their fancy leather chairs. Those of us who work hard to keep our businesses running know that hiring is not happening. People are afraid to speak up. People who used to claim unemployment are now making disability claims for depression. With the ranks of Obama’s dependents swelling, I am afraid there is more to come. Economy tanking is good news for Obama, bad news for us.

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