What Your Kids are Learning in College: Union Thuggery 101

Your tax money for education at work.
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Recently, the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) and the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) sponsored two college courses: Introduction to Labor Studies and Labor Politics and Society, to be taught simultaneously through a video conference between to two campuses.
The Professors are Judy Ancel, Director of Labor Studies at UMKC and Don Giljum, business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers at Ameren UE in St. Louis. (Bonus: he is a member of the Communist Party.)
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Ancel and Giljum present violence, militancy, in-your-face-tactics, and industrial sabotage as attributes of organized labor history. “Violence is a tactic”, explains Ancel, “and it’s to be used when it’s the appropriate tactic”.
The students are eager to march in the streets wearing their Che Guevara garb and overthrow our Democratic Republic. Their dialogue is especially entertaining.

The video:

“It’s a tactic that should be used at the appropriate time, I believe in the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie, and that freedom is found at the barrel of a gun, like Mao said and Marx said.”

“Noam Chomsky joined the IAWW last month!” “Is there any sort of rough guess on what percent of the population has to be involved for something to be considered a revolution instead of terrorism?”

“Well you know there are some people whose definition of terrorism is just an army without a defense budget”, says Ancel.

“Noam Chomsky said that, “The number one state sponsor of terrorism is the United States of America”.

Wanna bet the Black Panther wannabe and Perky Gal get an “A” in the course?

In part two, Giljum gives several instances where he and his union pals used threats and intimidation as “negotiating tactics”, including suggestions about sabotaging the equipment, and following the CEO to his church or where he shopped. Ancel really goes of the crazy cliff when she equates fascism with capitalism, proving that she has absolutely no understanding of the difference. She also recounts (with obvious glee) a tactic used by a friend of hers in a union protest in Peru. The Peruvian strikers released dozens of cats into power plants, where they ran around, shorting out the systems. This produced the desired effect of power outages….and lots of dead cats. What an animal lover.

The video:

In case you don’t think leftwing thugs don’t backup their rhetoric with real violence, here’s a few examples, HERE, and HERE.

Ancel and Giljum are examples of how unions and Marxist academic intelligentsia go hand-in-hand.  Many universities in this country enable socialist-anarchist  ideologues to encourage the destruction of the very democracy that protects their ability to get up in front of a classroom of malleable numbskulls, and pour this kind of shit into their minds.

Some of those students may grow up one day to realize the pseudo-socialist bullshit espoused by Ancel and Giljum isn’t conducive to a free society, or the real world.

5 thoughts on “What Your Kids are Learning in College: Union Thuggery 101”

  1. Your Are the Thug

    The real thugs here are the cadre of reactionary conservative extremists lined up to “expose” college professors as some sort of brainwashing society. Why don’t you go burn some books while your at it? To decry the “bias” of Ancel and Giljum by doctoring a video tape is tooo much hypocrisy for me. But apparently third-string extremists like yourself lap this up. But then again why should honesty get in the way of your ideological framing of all events to present yourself as virtuous and patriotic. If you truly believe in freedom, I suggest you get a new hobby.

    You are the Thug

    1. Dear chicken shit, aka (“Your Are the Thug”)

      First of all, the title, “Your Are the Thug”, is piss poor grammar. It should read: “You are the thug” or “You’re the thug”. Glad to see you actually used the proper conjunction in the “signature”.
      You popped in from St. Louis, just so you could spew bile. Wow. Speaking of St. Louis, that’s where SEIU thugs assaulted Kenneth Gladney for exercising his freedom of speech: http://sfcmac.wordpress.com/2009/11/26/seiu-thugs-charged-in-gladney-assault/
      I bet you sat in class and hung on to every bit of Ancel and Giljum’s propaganda like a good little socialist simp. They’re just a sampling of the leftwingnut academic intelligentsia, who use their classroom podium as a Marxist pully pulpit. Students who are smart enough to challenge them get berated and threatened.
      I am an American patriot who believes in freedom; Ancel, Giljum, and the rest of the union goons, not so much. You obviously skipped over the highlighted links in the article, which point to some of the activity and behavior for which unions are so well known. Here’s more:
      If you really believe that exposing the inflammatory rhetoric, encouragement of violence, intimidation, vandalism, and thuggery on the part of union criminals is “brainwashing”, then I suggest you make an appointment with a proctologist to find your head.
      Assclowns like you should be forced to submit to an IQ test before being allowed to vote or breed.

      SFC MAC

  2. Allov U. Rlyors

    This is highly edited & this isn’t the complete discussion. It shows how some in politics will take bits & pieces to promote their lies. Google the entire discussion & you’ll see the lie in this false report. If you call yourself a “good” person, Christian & honest, than I think you should hold this liar accountable for taking something changing it to what he wants & lying to all Americans with bits & pieces of information.
    These types of political journalists remind me of those wackos that have taken bits & pieces of the Bible only to make their own twisted religion & spreading parts of the Bible as truth when in fact if read in it’s entire context those fooled will condemn that person & stick to Christianity. Don’t be fooled.

    1. Allov,
      Bits and pieces??? Fucking please. The Left has permeated college faculties in this country for years, and now they’re filtering down to high school and elementary levels:

      The “bits and pieces” demonstrated by the radical Marxists teaching the class, should be enough to convince anyone that they mean business when it comes to destroying our Democratic Republic. WATCH THE VIDEOS.

      BTW: When it comes to religion, I’m AGNOSTIC. Besides, what does religion have to do with the article and the motives of the radicals in question? It’s purely political Marxist propaganda presented as intellectual discourse. It’s nothing less than pouring communist bullshit into the minds of immature students who are already radicalized to begin with. Ancel and Giljum mince no words when it comes to their hatred for America and democracy. They promote union violence, industrial sabotage, and encourage the students’ “revolutionary” ideas of “violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie”.

      Google has problems of it’s own when it comes to bias, credibility, collaboration with despots, and invasion of privacy. In 2005, Google kowtowed when China cracked down on political dissidents using the site as an outlet. Drummond’s company made a deal with Chinese government censors to prevent its search engine from being used by dissidents, and even handed over the names of dissidents who posted on Google. Those poor people are either languishing in prison or dead.

      I’m not fooled. I’ve seen the atrocities and carnage brought by decades of communist rule; the very regimes held in high esteem by Ancel and her pals. Good people don’t advocate such descpicable ideologies.

      You’re either a naive simpleton or one of Ancel’s apostles. Either way, people like you need a serious hisrory lesson and an up-close personal look at the consequences of Ancel’s philosophy.

      SFC MAC

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