When it Comes to Being Vile, Hypocritical, and Boorish, There’s No Line the Liberals Won’t Move or Cross

But they’re liberals so it’s okay.

From Bill O’Reilly

We all may owe a tiny bit of gratitude to “comedienne” Kathy Griffin, who went all post-edgy this week and posed holding the severed head of the President of the United States. After being denounced from both right and left, the not-so-funny former funny-woman issued a groveling apology. “I went way too far,” she confessed. How amazingly perceptive!

So why would anyone want to thank this odious woman, who has a history of making crude and tasteless remarks? Well, Griffin may have finally shown that even hateful anti-Trump screeds have their limits.

Think about it for a moment: She actually believed this outrageous stunt would be well-received, probably that she would be praised for her courage.

And why wouldn’t she believe that?

Prior to this week, when Griffin set a new indoor world record in vulgarity, absolutely nothing was too offensive when it came to mocking the duly-elected president.

Stephen Colbert paid absolutely no price for implying that President Trump has sexual relations with Vladimir Putin. Did Colbert apologize? Heck, no. He was cheered on by many on the left for that gross remark. Other late-night hosts try to outdo one another when it comes to bashing the president, and of course Saturday Night Live has been profiting handsomely by slandering the president every week.

Many of these same folks, you’ll recall, considered Barack Obama simply “too cool” to ridicule.

It’s not just comedians. Consider what’s been written and said just in recent days. MSNBC’s “conservative” Joe Scarborough described President Trump as a “thug,” an “idiot,” and “an “embarrassment to the United States.” The New York Times “conservative” columnist Ross Douthat compared the president to a “syphilitic emperor.” If there are no limits whatsoever in the mainstream media, why would Kathy Griffin expect anything less than plaudits?

Democrats haven’t been much more civil than TV hosts and late-night quipsters.

……The left is trying mightily to destroy the Trump presidency by claiming he is a racist, a fool, an ignoramus, and worse. The malady known as Trump Derangement Syndrome is not abating; it is actually growing more virulent by the week. Back to Kathy Griffin for a moment. We should mention that this is not her first odious remark aimed at a Republican. In 2010 the ‘comic’ referred to Senator Scott Brown’s daughters as ‘prostitutes.’ She did that in the presence of CNN reporter Dana Bash, whose response was to giggle like a schoolgirl.

Despite that remark and many others that crossed way over the line, CNN maintained its relationship with Griffin, who hosted the network’s New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper. The duo rang in the New Year ten times before CNN finally decided to pull the plug after this week’s ‘beheading’ outrage.


The black messiah the liberals foisted into office for 8 years, was not to be criticized or held accountable for his corruption and crimes, because “racism”.  Speaking of racism, no one does it like the bigoted Left.

Black Republicans like Kenneth Gladney,  James T. Harris,  Bill Randall, Stacey Dash, and Allen West are often treated with obscenities, and horrific violence by so-called “tolerant” lefties.

Not to mention the onslaught of hate toward Michelle Malkin, an American-born woman of Filipino decent, when she took issue with a rapper’s album.

The sin of black Republicans is choosing substance over pigment; which the Left finds intolerable.  They use Occam’s Razor as a mindset; simplistic narrow minded explanations as a substitute for reason and logic.

They’re also not averse to spewing misogynist hatred toward female conservatives.

The Left’s meltdown over the election of Donald Trump has gone nuclear.  They are absolutely rabid and bat-shit crazy.  Their public display of insanity should be proof positive to sane Americans that they have no business being in control of anything—let alone the White House.



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