When Liberals Collide Over Who’s More Liberal

What to do, what to do? How does a good liberal sycophant choose between a socialist, terrorist-cavorting black man or a corrupt, socialist female candidate?

When Shannon de Rubens, a stay-at-home mom, wears her Hillary Rodham Clinton button, she expects to be harassed. A woman in Bellevue even pretended to spit on her once. That’s all part of the game, when you’re a Clinton backer in a land of Obama bumper stickers.

“I hate to say it, but that sort of acrimony between strangers has been standard in this campaign, especially locally,” said de Rubens, who lives in Issaquah and co-founded two grass-roots campaign groups, the Hillraisers, in the region with more than 100 members total.

“We feel undervalued, mistreated and bullied. It’s been an emotional journey,” she said.

And ‘violated’ too, no doubt. What angst. What drama. What Hillarity.

Says de Rubens of Obama:

…..”His inexperience does more than irritate me, it frightens me,” she said. “The job of the U.S. president is not an entry-level position.”

Yeah, I guess the Hildabeast has ‘more experience’, being a former ‘First Lady-In-Chief’.

……De Rubens, 35, who worked at Microsoft for a decade, said she’s found that many members of her Hillraisers groups have “related to [Clinton] on a deeply personal level, as mothers, and as women who have worked in a male-dominated fields.”

She compares Obama’s quick ascendancy in the national Democratic Party with some young men’s quick ascendancy in the corporate world, while “women are not getting promoted, but doing all the work.”
Link: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/politics/2004425727_hillary20m.html

Oh, boy. What a conundrum for the politically-correct crowd.

The best thing is watching the liberal Democrats get into a prissy face-slapping contest over two nihilist pus bags.

Too funny.

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