Where’s Rick Perry’s Brain?

It sure isn’t familiar with immigration law.

Illegal immigration has not received a heavy amount of media coverage during this campaign season, but it remains a hot topic among Iowa Caucus goers.  TheIowaRepublican poll conducted in late June shows illegal immigration is the most important topic among 15% of caucus goers.  That is a very significant part of the electorate.  It also could be bad news for frontrunner Rick Perry.

One of the main areas where Perry disagrees with many conservatives is immigration.  As Governor of Texas, Perry signed a law that granted in-state college tuition to the children of illegal aliens.  Perry defended his stance during last week’s GOP presidential debate.

“If you’ve been in the state of Texas for three years, and working toward citizenship, you pay in-state tuition,” said Perry. “It doesn’t matter what the sound of your last name is. That’s the American way.”

The Minutemen Patriots disagree with Perry’s view of “the American way”.  A group of 15 protested against the Texas governor during his campaign stop in Council Bluffs last Friday.

“We’re against Rick Perry,” said Craig Halverson, national director of the Minutemen Patriots.  “He’s the worst possible candidate.  Just like when McCain was here and we were against McCain and McCain basically left Iowa with his tail between his legs.”

Halverson differs with Perry on several issues, but the primary one is immigration. “We don’t want him, we don’t need him,” Halverson told TheIowaRepublican.com.  “We want someone to represent American people, not illegal aliens.  What does he not know about the word illegal?”

Perry also opposes building a border fence in Texas.  Many conservatives feel a fence is a necessary part of solving the illegal immigration problem as well as bolstering national security.

Build a wall, high and deep. Secure the borders and stop fucking around with a PC approach to our sovereignty and national security. If Perry can’t get that through his thick skull, his chances for the GOP nomination will be nill. Texas has one of the worst illegal alien problems along the border.  Anyone who thinks it’s “heartless” to enforce our own immigration laws should be exposed to the rapes, murders, thefts, and assaults committed by the thousands of illegals who didn’t get stopped at the border.  Just the act of entering the country without proper authorization is a felony. Period.  Obtaining residence legally is the “American way”, regardless of where you come from.

We already have a scofflaw occupying the White House; we don’t need another to take his place.

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