While America Disintegrates Into Crime, Chaos, and Dysfunction, Biden Distracts American Sheeple With Woke Gay Rights

He made more sense back then.



Tucker Carlson

There were times, we will admit it, back in the dark ages of cable news, when we’d milk a single news event for weeks. In some cases, and we’re talking to you, O.J. Simpson, for months and months and months. There just wasn’t that much going on. So you couldn’t afford to waste a good story.

That is not the problem we are having these days. The problem now is the opposite of course. There’s too much going on and some of it is terrifying. In just the last week, China signed a $50 billion trade deal with Saudi Arabia, our old ally, signaling an end to America’s longstanding global petro empire. That’s not a small thing. Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, who runs Russia, once again threatened to launch a nuclear war on the West. Then Wall Street began laying off large numbers of people, which is not something you can ignore in an industry whose business it is to predict the future of the economy.

And at the same time that was happening, the wealth of the average American household dropped to one of the lowest levels ever recorded. The CDC responded by trying to resurrect face masks because that will help. Sam Bankman-Fried got arrested. And then the Mexican drug cartels, which run the largest human trafficking operation since the Transatlantic Slave Trade ended, now officially have control of our southern border.

So it’s been a busy week. In fact, more has happened in this past week than happened during two full terms under Bill Clinton. A lot. So if you’re running our country right now, you’d be staying up all night, every night, trying to figure out how to respond.

But that’s not what the Biden administration is doing. Not at all. This afternoon, as the old global order collapses to be replaced by God knows what, the Biden people decided to hold a drag event at the White House. Just in case you were wondering if those comparisons to Weimar were overstated, no, they’re not overstated.

The occasion for this celebration was the official signing of the Respect for Marriage Act, which the White House tells us will codify gay marriage into law. But wait a moment, you wonder. Wasn’t gay marriage legalized by the Supreme Court way back under Barack Obama? Well, yeah. But they’ve legalized it again. It’s double legal. 

…….Yeah. A lot of kids want to be a drag queen. So that’s the guy at the White House today, but it’s not really an anomaly. It was just a month ago the administration invited a guy called Dylan Mulvaney. That’s a grown man who identifies as a walking stereotype of a little girl and he met the President.

So what’s going on here? Well, multiple things of course. This is an effort to degrade the country, to make it into a joke. These are people striding through the hallways that once were the work area of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and FDR. Whatever you think of their policies, these were serious men who stayed up late every night thinking about how to make the country better. And now there’s that guy, and a lot of people like that. And Cyndi Lauper. Celebrating gay marriage, which has been legal since the Obama administration. What is going on here?

Well, again, it’s an effort to degrade the country. But as a political matter, it’s a distraction. Offend you so much or mesmerize you so completely that you forget that there are multiple world historic crises unfolding at the same time, some of which the Biden administration caused, none of which it can solve. 

……The funny thing is, you know that’s not real. And most people know it’s not real. Why are they continuing to say this? Well, because as actual problems, real problems mount, and they have no answer and no solution, and they’re trying to dodge culpability for creating those problems in the first place, they have to double down on fake problems.

……Bill Melugin and his team, speaking of real problems, just shot this new video of massive crowds of foreign nationals invading our country. Sorry, that’s just true. Most of them are not from Mexico. They’re from very, very far away across the oceans. And now they’re in a Mexican border town across from Brownsville, Texas. And they’re waiting there for Title 42 to end in eight days.

And when that happens, when the Biden administration drops that last piece of legal defense against invasion, it’s going to be an overwhelming wave, of course.

While he’s schmoozing with the LGBTQ+ABCDEF fruitcakes, the carnage his regime inflicts on the country has gone unabated:

The invasion of illegal aliens.

The ChiCom threat.

The billions of dollars he’s poured into Ukraine.

Deliberate restriction of our oil resources and growing energy crisis.

Skyrocketing gas and food prices, inflation, and his supply chain disaster that led to empty grocery shelves.

Rampant unchecked crime and carnage in the streets and the soft on thugs policies that release them without bail and often without charges.

The corrupt Dem politicians who use weaponized government agencies to go after opponents and are never held accountable for their own crimes.

The sick and depraved exposure of children to adult sex acts and indoctrination in the schools.  Teachers are grooming children with LGBT ideology, gender identity, “transitioning“,  and they brag about exposing children to their sexual preferences.  Kids are also being involved in “drag events”.

The debasement of the United States armed forces.

Biden’s lies and family corruption.

His egregious crackdown on civil liberties by his jackbooted DOJ.

Arming the IRS with guns.

His botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 American service members killed and armed the Taliban with an arsenal of weapons.

The trouble with this country is the habit of not paying attention, reinstalling the same corruptocrats, and not holding any of them accountable.  

It only gets worse from here.




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