While Biden’s Regime Gets “Woke” and Declares Non-Existent “White Supremacists” to be a Threat, Russia and China Escalate Actual Military Threat

Biden’s AG made an inflammatory speech proclaiming “white supremacy” as the major “domestic terrorist” threat to America’s security and democracy, while real domestic terrorists—Antifa and BLM thugs—commit arson, vandalize, assault, and murder at will.

External threats are taking advantage of Biden’s weakness and stupidity by ramping up their intimidation.  Just before Putin had a good laugh at Biden during their G7 meeting, Russia conducted one of the largest military exercises since the cold war:

Russian warships began conducting the largest military exercises since the Cold War off the coast of Hawaii.

“The exercises, conducted by the Russian navy in the Pacific Ocean 300 to 500 miles west of Hawaii, include long-range bombers, surface ships and anti-submarine aircraft,” the New York Post reported. The exercises prompted the U.S. Air Force to scramble F-22 stealth fighters.

U.S. officials said the Russian planes did not enter the Air Defense Identification Zone and were not intercepted.

The ChiComs made it a point to invade Taiwan’s airspace, again: 

Twenty-eight Chinese air force aircraft, including fighters and nuclear-capable bombers, entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Tuesday, the island’s government said, the largest reported incursion to date.

While there was no immediate comment from Beijing, the news comes after the Group of Seven leaders issued a joint statement on Sunday scolding China for a series of issues and underscored the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, comments China condemned as “slander.”

Chinese-claimed Taiwan has complained over the last few months of repeated missions by China’s air force near the self-ruled island, concentrated in the southwestern part of its air defense zone near the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands.

The latest Chinese mission involved 14 J-16 and six J-11 fighters, as well as four H-6 bombers, which can carry nuclear weapons, and anti-submarine, electronic warfare and early warning aircraft, Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said.


When the Russians or the ChiComs finally get cocky enough and cross the line into American or allied territory it will most certainly be when a flaccid beta boy like Biden or some other candy ass Proglodyte  is in charge.

Right now, our enemies can’t believe their good fortune.  There’s a senile, corruptocrat in the White House who’s being supervised by staff that has to cut him off before he rambles on too much.



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