Why Didn’t Wray Do Anything About the Evidence on Hunter Biden’s Laptop?


The FBI/DOJ admits the laptop isn’t a “Russian disinformation campaign”.

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Amid the latest of a wave of criticism of FBI Director Chris Wray, a scathing and pointed letter from US Senator Ron Johnson to Wray has been made public.

NEW: Ron Johnson letter to Chris Wray about the Biden laptop pic.twitter.com/OH9Imo8imO

……Multiple points were addressed in the letter, but perhaps the most important has to do with the computers seized by authorities, among them the laptop of Hunter Biden, the son of a Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden

The FBI has reportedly been aware of the information FBI since September of 2019.

Journalists are claiming in some instances to have had a sneak peek at the material on this hard drive, and say that what’s coming to public attention is nothing short of shocking.


The pressing question here is simply: how long are Wray and the FBI planning to sit on potentially damning evidence of this sort? And exactly how far would the FBI be willing to go to try and sweep all of this under the rug?

…….Wray has been repeatedly called out this year, and not just for sitting on potential bombshell evidence with the laptop(s).

…….There is great public concern as to Wray’s ability to do his job in an objective manner, such as with his downplaying of Antifa, for example.

On a related note, independent journalist Jack Posobiec has also brought to light some serious concerns regarding Hunter Biden’s close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, from files that have been found on the hard drives of all three computers involved:

Check the date.



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