Why Was Kammy Harris at the DNC on 6 January? What Happened With the “Pipe Bomber”? (UPDATED)


Judge scolds DOJ for lying about Harris’ whereabouts:

In a case against a January 6 defendant, a ​federal judge in Washington, D.C., on Thursday rebuked Justice Department prosecutors for misleading a grand jury and the court about the whereabout of then Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris during the rioting at the U.S. Capitol.
Last week, CNN reported that contrary to the Justice Department’s indictments, Harris was at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington when the riot began. It was Harris’ security detail, in fact, that found one of the two pipe bombs that were widely reported on January 6.
But until last week, it wasn’t known that Harris was within yards of a pipe bomb before it was discovered. Raising questions is the fact that the pipe bomb suspect, despite surveillance camera footage and physical evidence, has not been identified.
In his order Thursday, Judge Trevor McFadden, noted that the government filed an indictment against Nicholas Rodean more than one year ago that erroneously stated that Harris and then Vice-President Mike Pence were at the Capitol during the riots.
An excerpt of the order was tweeted by investigative reporter Julie Kelly, who has reported extensively on Capitol riot and the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, finding parallels between the two in the use of FBI informants.


Tucker Carlson

Well, here is something very weird. So, we have spent so much time and attention and tax dollars devoted to investigating every event of January 6th. We have a Committee still impaneled.
You probably think you know everything about that day. Maybe not the little things, what was every cops’ name, but certainly the big things for example, like where was Kamala Harris at 1:00 PM on January 6? We know where Donald Trump was at that hour. We know where Joe Biden was. We know where Mike Pence was.
What about Kamala Harris?
So, for the better part of a year, no one really asked that question because we thought we knew the answer. Kamala Harris was inside the Capitol Building when protesters stormed the gates. We all believed this because the Justice Department said so.
In dozens of criminal indictments, Federal prosecutors suggested that Kamala Harris was on the scene when the riot began. The D.O.J. used Harris’s presence at the Capitol as evidence that democracy itself was under attack by extremists.
Our first Black Vice President-elect physically threatened by crazed racist insurrectionists. That’s the story that judges and grand juries heard from the Department of Justice.
And then out of nowhere, last November, that story change. Actually, we learned Kamala Harris was not in the Capitol Building the afternoon January 6, she was somewhere else. Where was she? No one would say, but she was not at the Capitol.
So in the face of that fact, the Justice Department was forced to file dozens of corrected indictments to fix the lie they told, which by the way, was not a small lie, but a very significant lie. But still, no one answered the more basic question: Where was Kamala Harris on January 6th? Even her fellow Democrats began to wonder about this. Why wouldn’t they, some of them wondered out loud?
Last week, we found out.
CNN reported that Kamala Harris was at the Democratic National Committee on Capitol Hill when the riot began. Here is the fascinating part. The D.N.C. Building was the site of one of the two pipe bombs planted the night before, apparently by the same people who stormed the Capitol. Harris’s own security detail found that bomb at the D.N.C.
According to CNN’s account, Harris herself came within quote, “several yards of that explosive device.” Really? It’s remarkable if you think about it, kind of a big deal. Why haven’t we heard that before? And why didn’t the Justice Department know?
Why did the D.O.J. think Kamala Harris was at the Capitol? It’s not like Kamala Harris hasn’t talked about January 6, she talked about it constantly since the day it happened. In fact, just last month, Harris gave a speech in which she said that January 6 was so traumatic that all Americans remember quote, “where they were and what they were doing when our democracy came under assault.” She said that.
So it would have been the perfect moment for Kamala Harris to tell us that she herself came within mere feet of a racist insurrectionist bomb, they literally tried to kill me. You can easily imagine Kamala Harris saying that. This is a person who puts herself at the center of every story, who invent stories in order to put herself at the center. This is a person that told us she was at Civil Rights protests as a toddler.
But she never mentioned that, that she was right near the bomb. In fact, she continued to hide that fact. It’s completely bizarre. What’s going on here? We’re not sure. Something is going on here. There’s no question about that because the story doesn’t make any sense.
And now that we mentioned it, happened to the investigation into those two pipe bombs? Now, everyone has assumed those bombs were planted by a Trump supporter. The media have told us that. But who was this person? Thirteen months later, we have no idea. The FBI says it has no leads at all in the case. That’s very strange.
The F.B.I. has video footage of the person who planted the pipe bombs. Footage of that person sitting on a park bench outside the D.N.C., talking on a phone, reaching into a backpack and planting the device in the spot where Kamala Harris’s security people found it the next day.
Now, you’d think in the age of facial recognition software, that video might produce a suspect. You’d think the fact that person was on a phone might be very helpful since people are identified all the time in crimes by their phones. But no, no leads whatsoever.
Nor apparently does the F.B.I. have DNA evidence and that’s very weird. That means the person who planted these bombs did not leave a single fingerprint, not a single skin, cell hair, or droplet of breath on either one of the pipe bombs. This person never coughed or sneezed or exhaled moisture onto his or her gloves or on to any of the surfaces he or she touched while sneaking around the surveillance fortress that is Capitol Hill on camera the night before January 6th.

……This physical evidence was in pristine condition. But this person hasn’t been caught.
This person an amateur wearing Nike Air Max sneakers has confounded the entire F.B.I. crime lab and eluded the largest manhunt in American history.
Now, you should know that the first pipe bomb was discovered just minutes before the first assault on the Capitol at 1:00 PM. Capitol Hill police were notified of the bomb at 12:49 PM. Protesters at the Capitol swarmed the first police line at 12:50. That’s one minute later.
The Chief of Capitol Police at the time, Steven Sund later told “The Washington Post,” he believed the pipe bombs were not designed to kill people. They were meant to draw law enforcement away from the Capitol. They were designed to be found not to explode.
In the words of Capitol Hill police Inspector General, quote: “If those pipe bombs were intended to be a diversion, it worked.” Now that would make sense since the bombs themselves could not have been detonated on January 6th. The bombs were planted the night before, 17 hours before they were found.
Yet the timer’s on the bombs were of the ancient kitchen clock variety. They could only be set to an hour maximum. The bombs had no remote detonation function. So effectively by January 6, they were inert.
What’s strange is that of all the places in the world, Kamala Harris could have gone at 11:30 AM on January 6, she went to the D.N.C. Building where her bodyguards promptly discovered the pipe bomb.
So, if the bomb was planted by a Trump supporter as a diversion, as the Capitol Police have said, you’ve got to wonder how exactly that worked. Would a Trump supporter have known where Kamala Harris was going to be that morning? Probably not. Even her political allies didn’t know for some reason.
……Who is running this F.B.I. investigation? We hate to think that person was in any way connected to the fraudulent Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot that the F.B.I. helped set up right before the 2020 election. We’re not sure of the answer. We can’t confirm one way or the other because the F.B.I. is pretty close mouthed about all of this, and that’s strange, too.
What we can confirm is that Kamala Harris was not chased into danger on January 6th by “insurrectionists”. No, she was driven to danger by a government chauffeur. And then critically, Kamala Harris hid that fact for more than a year. Why is that?
We have a right to know the answer to that question. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s an entirely legitimate question. Maybe someone could ask Kamala Harris.


This “bomb-carrying” individual was tracked all over the fucking place:


Here’s the map depicting the proximity of the Capitol from the DNC where Kammy was hiding:


/pol/ News Network@PNN




Funny how Kammy’s security staff was able to come across this inert “bomb” just 20 minutes after she arrived at the DNC, after it had been there all night.

The ‘bomber’ in disguise is probably another FBI operative similar to Ray Epps and Luke Phillip Robinson.

Gateway Pundit

……It appears we now have more evidence that reinforces the theory that the pipe bomber may be a federal agent and the alleged pipe bomb threat was a government-executed operation.

We learned months after Jan. 6 protests that the US Congress was evacuated on January 6th due to a pipe bomb threat — It was not because of the pro-Trump protesters.

……Lonnie Coffman is being held unconstitutionally with no bond in Washington DC for attending the rally in Washington DC on January 6th.

Lonnie described what happened in his letter. The FBI used the alleged bomb threat at the DNC to rummage through cars and Lonnie’s truck. The investigators found firearms and jars of gasoline that he carries with him. The FBI fabricated their findings and described the jars of gas as “Molotov cocktails”.

……Lonnie is still being held and abused in DC jail and the federal government is determined to make an example out of this patriot.

It should be noted that three Antifa domestic terrorists were stopped by police on January 6th and lied about having a gun in their vehicle — These three Antifa terrorists who drove to Washington DC on January 6th to cause chaos and violence were released and allowed to drive back home to Michigan that day despite lying to police about a firearm in their vehicle.



Video footage shows trained, plainclothes operatives coordinating break-in through capitol window on January 6

The more that comes out about the FBI’s involvement in this set up, the worse it gets.

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