Wife of David Hartley Pleads for Return of His Body

It’s yet to be determined whether she’s lying or if her husband was really murdered by Mexican thugs. In any case, Hillary’s State Department is still mum on the matter.

The wife of David Hartley, the American tourist who is presumed to have been shot to death by Mexican pirates on a lake on the U.S.-Mexican border, moved back to Colorado on Wednesday, but said she isn’t giving up hope.

……Hartley said it was difficult leaving South Texas without her husband, who she told authorities was shot Sept. 30 by gunmen who ambushed the couple on the Mexico side of Falcon Lake, where pirates have robbed several Americans this year.

Hartley said the couple were riding Jet Skis back from sightseeing in Mexico when the pirates approached in speedboats. After her husband was shot, she said she tried circling back to get him but raced back to American soil after hearing bullets whizzing by her.

Hartley, 29, said she is “frustrated” that David’s body has not been found after three weeks but understands that another country is handling the search.

……A U.S. consulate official said last week that David Hartley may have been a victim of mistaken identity. It came after a report by Stratfor, an Austin, Texas-based public policy research group that analyzes the Mexican drug war, suggested the couple might have been mistaken for drug runners.


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If she’s lying, hang her high. If she’s telling the truth, then it’s just one more example of how South-of-the-Border criminals target Americans for crime.

Regardless, the fucking border leaks like a sieve. The government would rather intrude on our liberties than protect them, and can’t be bothered with national security.

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