WikiLeaks Booted From Amazon, PayPal

Aw. What a shame.

WikiLeaks was today booted from Amazon servers – forcing the controversial organization to once again take up residence on more vulnerable European service providers.  In a Twitter message posted earlier today, reps for WikiLeaks, which recently released hundreds of secret US diplomatic cables, called the ouster a free-speech issue.

“WikiLeaks servers at Amazon ousted. Free speech the land of the free – fine our $ are now spent to employ people in Europe,” the message read.

WikiLeaks had sought refuge at Amazon after a series of crippling DDOS attacks which temporarily rendered the WikiLeaks site inaccessible to users in the US and abroad. Distributed denial-of-service attacks work by flooding a Web page with requests for service, eventually overpowering servers and shutting down the site. The ploy has become an increasingly popular one among hackers.

Assange took a nice financial hit:

The Internet whistleblower site WikiLeaks took another hit Saturday, when the online payment service PayPal cut off the account it used to collect donations.

WikiLeaks, which embarrassed Washington and foreign leaders last week by releasing a cache of secret — and brutally frank — U.S. diplomatic cables, has already become an Internet pariah of sorts.

The U.S.-based kicked the WikiLeaks site from its servers Wednesday, forcing it to move back to a Swedish provider, and other servers stopped directing traffic to WikiLeaks because of continuing cyber attacks on the site that threatened the rest of their networks.

The WikiLeaks site was difficult to reach Saturday, but the organization found a new online home in France.

French newspaper Le Monde said in an online article that it could not provide links to the site “as a result of the computer attacks WikiLeaks has suffered and the refusal of some Internet hosts and countries to take in the site.”

The web-hosting company OVH confirmed that it had been hosting WikiLeaks since early Thursday, after a client asked for a “dedicated server with … protection against attacks.”

The company added that it was now up to the courts to decide on the legality of hosting the site on French soil.

PayPal, a subsidiary of U.S.-based online marketplace operator EBay Inc., said it had cut off WikiLeaks because of a violation of its policy against “any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity.”

Keep running Julian. Pretty soon you’ll run out of places to hide.

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