WikiLeaks Loses Revenue, Has to Stop Publishing Classified Documents

Awww. Poor Assange. Couldn’t happen to a better bastard.

Wikileaks said that it would focus instead on raising funds to ensure its future survival.

The announcement came after what the group called a blockade by US-based finance companies.

This followed its disclosure on the internet of hundreds of thousands of secret US government files and diplomatic cables.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said that since last December an “arbitrary and unlawful financial blockade” had been imposed by Bank of America, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Western Union.

“The attack has destroyed 95% of our revenue,” he said.

The former computer hacker said the organisation had lost “tens of millions of dollars in lost donations at a time of unprecedented operational costs”.

Too bad it didn’t evaporate the last 5%, too.

“A handful of US finance companies cannot be allowed to decide how the whole world votes with its pocket,” he added.
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He, along with traitor Bradley Manning, was the little crapweasel who decided the whole world should know about America’s national secrets, thereby endangering  the lives of American troops and Afghan informants. They didn’t get a vote in his fucking decision.

If all goes well, WikiLeaks will go tits up and take Assange with it.

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