Winning: ‘Shutdown’ Schumer Folds, Government Set to Reopen

From Fox News

The Senate on Monday voted 81-18 to break a Democratic filibuster on a stalled government spending bill, clearing the way for Congress to approve the stopgap measure and end the three-day government shutdown.

Democrats effectively backed off their opposition, after being given assurances from majority Republicans.

Before the vote, Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer made clear that Democrats would supply the GOP-controlled Senate with the votes needed, in exchange for “fair” and immediate efforts to consider legislation that would protect illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children. It was a stark contrast from his position just a few days ago.

“We will vote today to reopen the government,” Schumer, a New York Democrat, said on the Senate floor. “In a few hours, the government will reopen.”

The 100-member, Republican-controlled chamber will now need only a simple majority to pass the temporary spending bill that would keep the government open until Feb. 8. The House would then have to approve the bill, sending it to President Trump’s desk.

“I am pleased that Democrats in Congress have come to their senses and are now willing to fund our great military, border patrol, first responders and insurance for vulnerable children,” Trump said in a written statement Monday.

……Democrats largely had opposed the stopgap spending bill because it did not include provisions to protect the illegal immigrants from deportation under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order. Trump last year set a deadline of early March to end the protections, but has indicated he wants to provide permanent protections for the young illegal immigrants — along with border security, particularly funding for his U.S.-Mexico border wall.


The Dems held the military hostage over illegals.

Anyone who follows the pattern of Dem agenda, talking points and strategy knows that illegal aliens are part of their voting bloc.  They intend to entrench and exploit as many (Hispanic) illegals as they can to push their socialist agenda, institutionalize selective rights, and wrest control of the country away from American citizens. Democrats  would rather subvert the voting process for political gain than follow the law.

Rush weighs in:

This shutdown is about a budget deal. The Drive-Bys want you to believe the shutdown is over the fact that Republicans hate immigrants. Now, what it means, if this is actually true — and we won’t know ’til the vote is completed. This is all because of the what we think is gonna happen. It’s because people — aides to various senators — are telling people in the media that there might be enough Democrats to vote to end the shutdown.

……My take on this is Trump wins….The government shutdown has been…..When was the first time the GOP ever won a shutdown showdown? Yet Trump has won a shutdown showdown. The Schumer Shutdown showdown is over and Trump has emerged victorious.

……I want to tell you what the Republicans offered that led to the shutdown. The Republicans first offered a budget deal that would keep the government running and a DREAMer amnesty. DREAMer amnesty has always been on the table with Trump. The polls all show that 80% of the American people want something done for the DREAMers because the American people have been led to believe that they’re teenagers.

“They’re just young kids, Mr. Limbaugh! They’re just young children. They were brought here, they don’t know anybody, and they’re parentless, and they don’t know any other country.” Well, most of them are not teenagers anymore. They’re into their young twenties, mid-twenties now. Some of them are even in their thirties. I don’t know what percentage of them work but they’re not exclusively a bunch of kids. But, anyway, the politics of this, because everybody thinks they’re kids, the Republicans/Trump offered amnesty for the DREAMers weeks ago.

……And the Republicans said, “We’ll come back in March when the DREAMer thing is set to expire, and when we don’t have any hard-and-fast limits here, because we’re gonna do the budget. So we’re not gonna come up with any deadlines that we’re running out of money.” And they rejected that. The Democrats rejected every proposal. So the Democrats and their rejection forced the Republicans to come up with a third attempt. What it was is the Democrats had made it clear that amnesty — which they’ve always made clear and a lot of Republicans, too. “Amnesty, “comprehensive immigration reform is a requirement.

“We’re not moving forward ’til we get some kind of commitment on that,” and since the Republicans had taken amnesty for the DREAMers out of their second offer….. So McConnell came up with an idea to get rid of the filibuster and let’s pass a funding bill. Let’s do the budget side of this with just 50 votes instead of 60. They refused that! They refused getting the money they wanted and they refused amnesty for the DREAMers in two separate offers.

They refused a deal that would pick up amnesty for the DREAMers in March. They wanted the shutdown. The Republicans gave them three variations of everything they wanted, including, “Hey, let’s do a vote on the budget and get rid of that. Let’s extend the budget here with only 50 votes,” and the Democrats said “no” to that. And when Schumer said, “No” to that — when Schumer said “no” to a temporary vote, a one-time vote getting rid of the filibuster — that guaranteed the shutdown.


Dump DACA. Deport the illegals. Secure the border. Build the wall,



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