‘Woke’ Monsters at MS Society Fire 90-Year-Old Disability Volunteer for Not Understanding Pronouns

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I recently read about an animal known as the sea squirt, that eats its own brain as it progresses to the next stage.

It couldn’t be a better analogy for the DEI and woke mentality.

Here’s another story about the insane “theology” called Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that no one can live up to.

In January, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society forced 90-year-old Fran Itkoff to step down from her volunteer position. Itkoff had served the nonprofit organization for 60 years before being let go for allegedly violating the group’s diversity and inclusion policies.

Her vile anti-diversity act? She was confused about “pronouns.”

In an interview with “Libs of TikTok” creator Chaya Raichik, Itkoff and her daughter, Elle Hamilton, explained that Itkoff’s husband, who had MS, had taken over the Long Beach Lakewood chapter prior to his death.

After his death, Itkoff continued the group, volunteering for a total of 60 years.

Itkoff described an interaction with a representative from the MS Society where she was asked to use her “pronouns.”

Itkoff said she was confused because she didn’t know what that meant.

“I had seen it on a couple of letters that had come in after the person’s name, they had the pronouns. But I didn’t know what that meant,” the 90-year-old said.

When Itkoff was told she was required to write “she/her” after her name to be “all-inclusive,” she still couldn’t understand why.

“Because it sounds like you are labeling for females, not males, if you are just putting in she/her,” she said.

Her daughter, Elle Hamilton, explained that all her mother was trying to do was understand what they were talking about

Anyone who has an older family member and an ounce of compassion would understand that for someone of Itkoff’s generation, the expectation to declare one’s gender identity could be confusing.

But, it seems like the representative at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society had never met an older person or looked at life from another perspective before.

A few days later, Itkoff received an email stating she was being asked to step down from her volunteer role.

According to a screenshot of the email, Itkoff was asked to step down because it had come to their attention that “there has been a failure to abide by our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion guidelines during your time as volunteer.”

Itkoff and her daughter pointed out the irony of a 90-year-old woman who has volunteered for over 60 years to help MS patients and find a cure, being excluded from volunteering at the organization for not being “inclusive.”

“The MS Society is focusing on these words and these pronouns, and they’ve lost their focus on finding a cure for MS and helping the patients and all the programs that go along with that,” Hamilton said.

“It’s a sad day.”










90-year-old Fran Itkoff comes from a world where common sense, work ethic, and merit means more than the sick, mentally deranged LGBTQ+ABCDEF moonbats who change their identity, pronouns, and body parts to match their mental illness. 

All that matters is skin color, concocted pronouns, ‘gender identity’, and group affiliation. Most of that insanity is driven by white liberals.

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