Woman Logically Explains Why Radical Dems Have Only Themselves to Blame on Overturn of Roe

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……Now, one astute social media user has suggested Democrats learn that lesson after the overturning of Roe v. Wade because “the only one’s they should be blaming are themselves.”

For progressives, compromise looks like finding a middle ground for the time being until a demand can be made at a later date to further shift the scales toward the left. In a video posted to the TikTok account @michellerhodesofficial, the user determined that this persistence could only lead to one outcome and that was witnessed Friday with the 6-3 decision from the Supreme Court on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

“You know who the left should blame for the overturning of Roe v. Wade?” the video creator asked as she began her post. “Not the Supreme Court.”

“Not Christians, not conservatives, not Republicans, not pro-lifers,” she went on listing the likely targets for ire from Democrats who remained unsatisfied and riotously opposed to the ruling. By her assessment, “the only one’s they should be blaming are themselves.”

“It is 100 percent their fault Roe got overturned. A lot of people, myself included at one point in time,” the video goes on as she alluded to a pro-life stance with possible exceptions, “can sympathize with the scared teenager, with the drug addict who had no business bringing a baby into this world, we could understand that — we didn’t like it, we didn’t agree with it, but we could at least understand it.”

“We went from safe, legal and rare to up to the moment of birth,” she continued decrying the calls for abortion on demand for any reason. “We gave you an inch and you took a mile. We drew the line when you decided that you should be able to murder a fully formed infant up to the moment it exits your body.”


Ms. Rhodes is 100% correct.

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