‘Women’s March’: Vulgarity, Threats, Public Freakshow

A circus of unhinged, wailing, smutty, mentally deficient banshees.  Weren’t they supposed to leave the country if Trump was elected?

The Daily Mail

As hundreds of thousands of Americans filled the streets of the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington, actress Ashley Judd read a poem that compared Donald Trump to Hitler.

Judd was reciting a poem written by a 19-year-old from Tennessee when she read the line: ‘I feel Hitler in these streets, a mustache traded for a toupee.’

The poem was a celebration of ‘nasty women’, as Trump so famously called Hillary Clinton during a debate before the presidential election.

……Judd continued to proudly repeat the phrase ‘I’m a nasty women’ as the crowd of thousands continued to cheer.

‘And our p***ies ain’t for grabbing, they’re for reminding you that our walls are stronger than America’s ever will be,’ she concluded.

‘Our p*****s are for our pleasure, for birthing new generations of filthy, vulgar, nasty, proud, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, generations of nasty women.’

Judd was just one of the big names to speak at the march’s rally at the National Mall for a sea of protesters in pink ‘p***yhats’, knitted beanies with car ears that have become the unofficial accessory of the march.

……Madonna, like Judd, also took a defiant stand against Trump as she took to the podium, even telling the crowd she had thought a lot about ‘blowing up the White House’ but knew that it ‘wouldn’t change anything’.

It would change your status from living to dead if you tried, bitch. Besides, plenty of patriots wished that Obama met with an unfortunate accident, if you get my drift, so the feelings are mutual, beotch.

‘And to our detractors that insist that this march will never add up to anything, f*** you,’ she proclaimed.

‘F*** you,’ Madonna screamed again as the crowd cheered and CNN quickly cut from the live feed, apologizing for airing the profanity.

Madonna then launched into two of her classic hits, Express Yourself and Human Nature, changing one of the lyrics in the latter song to ‘Donald Trump suck a d***’.

Some of the more ‘creative’ protesters decorated a wall in the New York City subway with maxi pads.

Donning vajayjay suits and holding signs that read: “I am pussy, hear me roar”, demonstrates your total lack of self-respect.



This is all morbidly entertaining, but quite frankly, the average American couldn’t give two fucks about your tantrums.

Greg Gutfeld sums it up nicely:

They don’t like a president who tweets, or right-wing radicals who get book deals, or lesbians who voted for Trump. They don’t understand why identity politics isn’t resonating anymore after demanding we all bow before the altar of political correctness for decades. They don’t get it: No one cares who you’re sleeping with anymore, or what percentage of you is Cameroonian. No one cares if you require one of 50 different pronouns, or that you get easily triggered by words and images from action films. That’s the past.

No one cares about who you are anymore. We only care about what you do.

(A piece of advice to the young social justice warrior: You may think people care about who you are. They don’t. If you’re trafficking in identity politics, then you’re likely surrounded by people just like you. Which means everyone is in it for the same reason: not to listen, but to be heard. So they aren’t listening to you either. Get a life outside your grievances.)

Liberals are still clinging to the old ways of the easy, protestable past. For so long, they were embraced by the media for their emotional candor that they mistakenly think the public finds their outdated outbursts romantic or daring.

But the public doesn’t. To them, the whiny public service announcement videos, the Funny or Die detritus and long-winded emotional speeches at awards shows are as old and musty as your grandma’s rotary phone. Their threats of boycotts come off as edgy as a Harvey Wallbanger or a warm bottle of Zima.

……No one cares about those protests — except for their moments of comic relief. As I said on The Five, such protesters are now the rodeo clowns of politics. They are there to break up the monotony of long hearings and boring speeches. All that’s missing is the barrel they can climb into after their performances.

We called bullshit on your arrogance.  The floater has been flushed.  The party of the leftwing lunatic fringe is decimated.   Hillary’s corruption and the flood of leaked emails from WikiLeaks,  which showcased the vulgar bigotry and dismissive arrogance, of Podesta, the DNC, Hillary, Hillary’s aides, and the lapdog media, were the catalyst that convinced even undecided voters to reject her.  America shit-canned the idea of an Obama 2.0.

We The People have won. We staved off the attempt to install an Obama clone to the sanctum of the Oval Office.

You promised to in-ass the country if Trump was elected; he was. LEAVE, you assholes. You have the freedom to move to and live in any country that suits your taste.

Get. The. Fuck. Out.  And don’t come back.

You have equal rights under the law and the Constitution in America.  The problem is, you fucking snowflakes want none of the responsibilities and all of the unearned entitlements. So, Trump wants to “take away women’s rights, reinstate slavery, and kill all the gays”? What? Did he suddenly become a muslim?

We’re sick of your whining, bitching, and hypocrisy.  We’re fed up with your anti-American bullshit. Go live in Europe. Go join what’s left of the Taliban and Al Qaeda for that ‘change’ you want. Go fuck yourselves while you’re at it.

You may now join your Eurotrash, North Korean, Chinese, Venezuelan, and Islamic comrades in wailing anxiety while you trade in your Bush Derangement Syndrome for Trump  Derangement Syndrome.  Your despair at watching Donald Trump unfuck all the damage Barky did to this country the last 8 years, makes me feel all warm and tingly.  Like Chris Matthews’ leg but much better.

5 thoughts on “‘Women’s March’: Vulgarity, Threats, Public Freakshow”

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  2. This vulgar protest/march is the most embarrassing event in the annals of American History. The most embarrassing part for me was seeing the thousands who went along with it. Like so many who donned the swastika in marches for the Fatherland, ignorant men and women were duped into warring vagina costumes, pussy hats, and carrying signs demanding the right to kill their unborn babies. Every possible abomination was lauded in someway in arrogant defiance of God Almighty.
    And these we are told represent at least 1/2 of the Mothers is the United States of America. Sadly- I think they do. Absolutely shameful and humiliating.

  3. I have looked at the majority of women photographed and I can testify as a red blooded american male that the chance of their Pu**y being grabbed in slim to none.

  4. These dumb bitches are another wonderful example of why sterilization is a good idea. Stupid people shouldn’t breed. Tantrum throwing, thumb sucking, I didn’t get it ” My Way” pitiful excuses for women. Hey Madona, no one in their right mind would touch your smelly diseased pussy. The rest of you rags wouldn’t even get a look from 1000 sailors stranded on an island for (5) years. Unless two of them happened to be Bill Clinton and Anthony Weinerdog. Come to think of it, Hillary would probably be interested also, let’s make that (3) possibles. Grow up or go try your bullshit in China. At least there they could find you a job fitting of you mentalities. Comfort women for blind goats.
    Sick and tired of ranting rejects,
    Jeffery Washington

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