Wright Continues Racist, Anti-American Tirades

Jeremiah Wright preaching to the moonbat choir at the National Press Club.

……WRIGHT: No questions from the floor. I read different things. As I said to my members, if you haven’t read things, then you can’t — based on this Tuskegee experiment and based on what has happened to Africans in this country, I believe our government is capable of doing anything.

In fact, in fact, in fact, one of the — one of the responses to what Saddam Hussein had in terms of biological warfare was a non- question, because all we had to do was check the sales records. We sold him those biological weapons that he was using against his own people.

So any time a government can put together biological warfare to kill people, and then get angry when those people use what we sold them, yes, I believe we are capable.

……We have troops stationed all over the world, just like Rome had troops stationed all over the world, because we run the world. That notion of imperialism is not the message of the gospel of the prince of peace, nor of God, who loves the world.

Link to transcript of complete rant: http://www.press.org/members/transcript/20080428_wright.pdf


1. The reference to the Tuskegee story was in conjuction with Wright’s stupid 2003 accusation:
“The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color.”

Contrary to Wright’s mealy-mouthed accusation, the government DID NOT infect the black men in the Tuskegee hospital with syphilis. They already contracted the disease though sexual contact with prostitutes.

Some were treated with anti-biotics, others with placebos. The purpose was to monitor the effects of untreated venereal disease. They were, in fact, guinea pigs for a terrible medical test.

Link to information on the Tuskeegee hospital: http://neoneocon.com/2008/03/19/the-tuskeegee-experiment-and-truth/

To exacerbate the awful truth with a falsehood is even worse. But it’s all part of Wright’s campaign to throw gasoline on the dying embers of race conflicts past.

2. Most of those particular bio/chem weapons were expended during the Iran-Iraq war and destroyed in the aftermath of Desert Storm.

That still doesn’t account for the ones he subsequently developed and hid in direct violation of the U.N. Resolutions.

In actuality, Germany  was the key supplier of Hussein’s bio/chem weapons.

Iraq has identified Germany as the country whose companies did most to help Baghdad in its drive to acquire weapons of mass destruction, said a German newspaper yesterday.

The leftwing Berlin daily, Die Tageszeitung, said it had obtained a copy of part of the document handed by Baghdad to the UN earlier this month which supplied details of its weapons programmes. The extract included a list of foreign companies, of which more than half – 80 – were German.

It was also said to contain the names of several private and state research laboratories as well as numerous individuals from Germany.

Die Tageszeitung said the list featured British companies, too, although it did not say how many or name them.



As a matter of fact, Russia, Germany and France helped re-arm Saddam Hussein after the first Gulf War.

That foreign companies helped Iraq has long been known, and some of them have been identified before, but the Iraqi accounting adds up to the most exhaustive list so far of companies involved.

Iraq’s report says the equipment was either sold or made by more than 30 German companies, 10 American companies, 11 British companies and a handful of Swiss, Japanese, Italian, French, Swedish and Brazilian firms. It says more than 30 countries supplied its nuclear program.

Link: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,73292,00.html


3. You bet we’re stationed all over the world. It usually occurred as a result of post-war occupation that developed into bases of operation. 

Germany, Japan, Italy, the Philippines, and Korea for instance, all agreed through mutual cooperation, to permit the basing of U.S. troops in their respective countries.  But, we are no longer the ‘worldwide’ presence Wright complains of.  Since the 1990’s, American troops have redeployed and withdrawn by the thousands from Europe and the Pacific.  

Wright applies the ‘imperialism’ label quite liberally in his description of America, while omitting that we didn’t start most of the fights we’ve gotten into; we finished them.

4. Wright’s ‘God’ apparently hates whites as much as he does.

Criticism is an ‘attack on the black church’:

This is an attack on the black church. And I cannot as a minister of the gospel allow the significant part of our history — most African-Americans and most European-Americans, most Hispanic-Americans, half the names I called in my presentation they’ve never heard of, because they don’t know anything at all about our tradition.

Wright also praised James Cone, the founder of “Black Liberation Theology”, a radical, militant ‘religion’ which advocates racial violence against whites:

“What we need is the destruction of whiteness, which is the source of human misery in the world”, and condemns them as “devils”.
Link: http://frontpagemag.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=30CD9E14-B0C9-4F8C-A0A6-A896F0F44F02

What does Barack Hussein Obama have to say about this?

“His comments were not only divisive … but I believe that they end up giving comfort to those who prey on hate,” Obama told reporters.

“Whatever relationship I had with Reverend Wright has changed as a consequence of this,” Obama said.
Link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/04/29/AR2008042901535.html?hpid=topnews


Yeah, right. That’s why you sat in a pew at that asshole’s church for over 20 years listening to him spew the same shit he openly brags about in the media.

Fuck you, Obama.

As long as you’re a black “Pastor” you get a free pass on hatespeech.
By the way, security for this little publicity stunt was provided by the Nation of Islam thugs.

Nice touch.

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