Yahoo’s Chalian Fired After Accusing Romneys of ‘Happy to Have a Party With Black People Drowning’

What a class act.

During an ABC News’ live-feed coverage, Chalian’s vicious stupidity was caught on hot mic.
From Big Journalism.

ABC News reached out to Breitbart News to name the man heard mocking the Romneys during this ABC News livecast: David Chalian  of Yahoo! News is a former political director with ABC News, but according to ABC News has no association with the network now.

……This is a sample of the media’s awful, racialist behavior towards Mitt Romney. Believe me, there’s plenty more. Here’s our rundown of yesterday’s media coverage of the convention; it’s a tale of bias and race-baiting. Here’s the story of how NBC News’s Chief White House Correspondent, Chuck Todd, race-baited while live on the air yesterday. Incredible stuff.

In the video below, you can hear him say “They are happy to have a party with black people drowning”.

According to PBS hack Gwen Ifill, Chalian’s comment makes him “god’s gift to political journalism.”

They don’t even bother to hide the abject hatred. Leftwing political bias took the place of reporting in the MSM years ago.

Expect a lot more of this; some of them are still madly in love with Obama.

2 thoughts on “Yahoo’s Chalian Fired After Accusing Romneys of ‘Happy to Have a Party With Black People Drowning’”

    1. Chip,
      Thanks for the link! I’ve blogged about his eco-scams but that site provides a good compilation.

      SFC MAC

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