Yates Testifies: Comey Went Rogue on Bogus Flynn Investigation, New Questions About Obama’s Involvement


Former Obama DOJ official Sally Yates testified during Wednesday’s Senate hearing, where she dropped a new bombshell regarding General Michael Flynn.




Strzok notes implicate Obama and Biden directly ordering the Flynn investigation:

The Justice Department released Peter Strzok notes from 1/4/2017 regarding the Flynn-Kislyak calls.

Last month it was revealed 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden was in a January 5, 2017 Oval Office meeting discussing General Flynn’s phone calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak with Obama, Yates, Comey, Rice and Brennan.

Now we know that Obama and Biden were directly involved in the sham Flynn investigation.

The Strzok notes show then-Vice President Joe Biden wanted to invoke the Logan Act against General Mike Flynn.

Strzok also noted that Obama DIRECTLY ordered an investigation into Flynn, saying “Have the right people on the case.”

Then-FBI Director James Comey said the calls between Flynn and Kislyak “appear legit” but they went ahead with the hit job against Flynn.

“Strzok’s notes believed to be of January 4, 2017, reveal that former President Obama, James Comey, Sally Yates, Joe Biden and apparently Susan Rice discussed the transcripts of Flynn’s calls and how to proceed against him.”

“Mr. Obama himself directed that “the right people” investigate General Flynn.”


Flynn was targeted simply because he was on Trump’s campaign team.

It was a malicious politically-based prosecution, to begin with. It had no basis in fact and was pursued only because Trump won the election. The Obama regime violated the constitution and broke the law in an effort to undermine the electorate.

The DOJ (Willam Barr) finally dropped the bogus charges against Flynn. President Trump should fully exonerate him.

A timeline of Obama’s targeting of Michael Flynn at The Federalist.

The illegal wiretapping, FISA abuse, and the attempted coup d’ etat of a duly elected President goes all the way to Obama’s Oval Office.

William Barr acknowledged that himself.

Every shitbird in the Obama regime, including Barky, should be indicted for their crimes.




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  1. Sfcmac,

    Do you believe that it was just Comey who went rogue or was it everyone in the Strzok notes (Obama, Biden, Yates, et al) that were in this up to their eyeballs?

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