Yeah, That’ll Protect Those ‘Gun Free Zones’ From Deranged Wackjobs: House Passes ‘Stop School Violence Act’

God, what a fucking joke. Throw money and useless resolutions at the problem and it will make the bad guys think twice before they walk right past the ‘gun free zone’ sign and into a school to use unarmed people as targets.

Via One America News

There was a rare show of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill this week — all in the name of protecting the nation’s schoolchildren.

“At a time when people are asking Washington to do something, Congress actually took action today to not just do something, but to start addressing the problem with a strong bill,” stated Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

While the bill was not without a few detractors, the Stop School Violence Act mostly sailed through the House with a 407 to 10 vote.

The legislation would approve an annual $50 million grant to fund training and other safety initiatives.

Those other initiatives could include anything from metal detectors to stronger locks, and other emergency response systems.

……The bill now heads to the Senate, but it’s passage is still far from certain as the upper chamber is debating a more limited bill that deals only with reforms to the National Criminal Background Check System.

The FBI and the Broward County Sheriff  displayed depraved indifference toward the violent shitbag Nikolas Cruz.  Both ignored the warnings about this turd and refused to arrest him for his repeated domestic assaults and his bizzare behavior. On top of that, the county made a pact with the devil regarding violent thugs in the district. The Obama regime awarded grant money to the Broward County school district to look the other way when minority students committed crimes. That’s how wackjobs like Nikolas Cruz was able to slip through the cracks.

More money will fix that?  Jesuschristonacrutch.

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