Your Laugh for the Day: Obama: “I’m not ideological”

Good gawd.  He’s still trying to put sugar on a shit sandwich.

……Barack Obama sounded a nostalgic personal note Sunday night and offered a rare self-assessment while criticizing congressional Republicans as an “impediment” to governing during the start of a West Coast fundraising tour for the Democratic Party. Obama told donors the sight of Mt. Rainier illuminated by a setting sun was particularly special because it reminded him of his mother, who attended high school in the Seattle area. “I feel the spirit of my mom,” he said.

He also attempted to contrast himself with Republicans who control the House of Representatives, saying they are “more focused on positioning themselves for the next election.”

“I’m not a particularly ideological person,” he said, adding he still is passionate about giving people a fair shake, about the environment, and working for peace and national security. “But I’m pretty pragmatic about how we get there.”

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s a side-splitter, Barky. You’re one of the most radical leftwing ideological politicians ever to occupy the White House.

Your minority constituents voted for you because of your promise to create a welfare state utopia.  Your union pals voted for you because of your pro-labor stance. Your media fans and the rest of the limousine liberals in affluent circles voted for you because of your leftie messiah image.

Your efforts to “work for peace and national security” are a combination of  kissing our enemies’ ass, disrespecting our allies, and targeting patriots and spying on the entire United States.

As for his mother, he’s not averse to using her as a prop for  ObamaCare.

The real impediment to his style of “governance” is that pesky Constitution and people who demand that he respect it.



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2 thoughts on “Your Laugh for the Day: Obama: “I’m not ideological””

  1. John Egbert

    Actually, The One is correct. He has long since gone way past ideological, into realms of communist dogma never before seen in American politics . . .

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