Zawahri Urges Fellow Islamic Terrorists to Help AQI

Ayman al-Zawahri is stepping up the desperate pleas aimed at persuading muslims to come out from under their rocks and get their swarthy rear-ends to Iraq.

Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri criticised Muslims for failing to support Islamist insurgencies in Iraq and elsewhere in a new audiotape posted Tuesday on the Internet.

“I call upon the Muslim nation to fear Allah’s question (at judgement day) about its failure to support its brothers of the Mujahedeen (holy Warriors), and (urge it) not to withhold men and money, which is the mainstay of a war,” he said.

He even uses some of the Democrats’ talking points:

……”The situation in Iraq heralds an imminent victory of Islam and the defeat of the crusaders and those who stand under their flag,” he said.

With the ass-whipping they’ve gotten, it sucks to be a muslim terrorist, about now.
As for the rest of the Islamic population, they may not be helping with Zawahiri’s immediate call to jihad, but their tacit approval is is obvious.

On a side note, looks like Muqtada al Sadr is just as desperate.
From Bill Roggio:

a) Sadr called for a cease-fire in Basra and Baghdad just as the Iraqi Army began to push reinforcements into the troubled areas.

b) The Iraqi government decided to prevent political parties from participating in the upcoming provincial elections. Sadr’s spokesmen were in a near panic and admitted they were politically isolated as the continuum of Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish parties backed the measure.

c) Iraqis troops have pushed through at least three of the five of the Mahdi Army strongholds in Basra.

d) Iraqi and U.S. troops now occupy the southern third of Sadr City.

e) Sadr has issued a series of demands, insisting that the Iraqi military pardon those who deserted during the recent fighting and halt military operations lest he call for a third uprising. The Iraqi government has not pardoned the soldiers and police, nor has it stopped military operations.

f) Sadr called for a million man march in Najaf, then moved the march to Baghdad, then canceled the march. He claimed the military was interfering with his supporter’s movement but his recent marches have been less than stellar, drawing at most 10,000 supporters.

The latest bit of news from Iraq shows the Sadrist political movement is desperate to end the advance in Sadr City. Voices of Iraq reported that the Sadrists has asked former Prime Minister Iyad Illawi to mediate a cease-fire with the U.S. military. “Sadrist bloc lawmakers called on [me] two days ago to mediate with U.S. troops to cease military operations and to stop the concrete walls siege imposed on Sadr city for over a month,” Illawi said at a press conference in Baghdad, referring to the barriers being put up to partition the city to allow Iraqi and U.S. forces to stabilize the neighborhoods.


In spite of the leftist media efforts to pervert al Sadr et al, into some kind of a victorious hero, he, like all the other jihadist jackoffs, are getting their asses handed to them on a silver platter.


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