Zelaya’s Computers Seized, Evidence of Fraud Investigated

Manuel Zelaya, the Honduran Chavez wannabe, was ousted from the country after he tried to amend the constitution and make himself dictator for life. The authorities confiscated his computer, and are in the process of gathering evidence of Zelaya’s corruption.


The national criminal investigation Directorate seized several computers in the presidential House in which the results assumptions of the referendum on the reform of the Constitution which was going to make the deposed mandatary, Manuel Zelaya, 28 June, the day that was overthrown were registered.

The Prosecutor’s Office will now investigate if it’s a possible offence of fraud and falsification of documents, because some proceedings had been filled with data from the people who allegedly participated in the failed referendum that could not be carried by the coup d ‘ état.

One of the prosecutors who participated in the operation carried out this Friday showed the media an electoral Institute technical Luis Bográn of Tegucigalpa, specifies the number of people who participated in the 345, table posted 550 ballots of which 450 were votes in favour of the proposal of Zelaya and 30 against, 20 votes blank and null 30 minutes.

Confiscation took place in the third floor of the annex building to the Ministry of the Chair that had been rented to the former Minister of Interior, Enrique Flores launches. The Deputy Prosecutor, Roberto Ramirez, stated that area as “the crime scene” and although not wanted to clarify details, said that they had found evidence that could classify crimes of fraud, embezzlement, counterfeiting of documents and abuse of authority.

Ramirez does not rule out that these computers were to be used in the final count of the referendum which finally not held because military arrested and expelled from the country to Zelaya hours before the electoral process. “This group of approximately 45 computers, by the appearance that presented, would be used for the launch of the alleged final results of the fourth urn”, explained.

Appliances belonged to the project ‘Learn’ of the Honduran Council on Science and technology aimed at rural schools. All the computers had labeling the name of the Department for which transmitted accompanied by a document with header information: “Test spreadsheet”, containing all data of voting centres.

The Deputy Prosecutor also indicated that there is evidence of that in recent days were stolen documents, computer equipment and any evidence that could give light research on the possible fraud who wanted to commit in the referendum on the fourth URN.

During the last months of its mandate, Zelaya promoted the realization of a survey that had been convened to 28 June, in which would ask people if he agreed with install on the general elections of November fourth URN to consult the possibility of a constituent Assembly reformaría the Constitution.

The query was qualified as “illegal” by the Supreme Court of Justice and was rejected from the outset, by the opposition who claimed that the idea of reforming the Constitution responded to the interests of Zelaya establish the indefinite re-election of the presidential term in the country.
Original article: http://www.europapress.cat/internacional/noticia-decomisan-varios-ordenadores-casa-presidencial-resultados-consulta-queria-hacer-zelaya-20090717221327.html

Hondurans who defend their constitution against slimeballs like Zelaya and outside interference from Chavez, are receiving death threats.

Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, the archbishop of Tegucigalpa, said:

“You must know…that we are struggling against a very powerful, because very well-financed, campaign, which is being directed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez — to the extent that agents of the Venezuelan secret services are active in the country and are organizing the supposed popular protests against the removal of President Manuel Zelaya. Weapons have also been brought into the country. Thank God that up to now more blood has not been shed. But not a day goes by without my receiving a death threat.”

…..Rodríguez said that it was “absurd” to qualify Zelaya’s removal as a military coup, noting that “there is not a single military official that in any way belongs to the [current “de facto”] government.” Accusing Zelaya not only of violating the Honduran constitution, but also of misappropriating international development aid, he insisted that the aim of negotiations “cannot be to bring about Zelaya’s return to Honduras and his restoration to the President’s office. The man has shown that he is dishonest and incapable of governing within the limits of the constitution.”

This is the kind of courage that Obama wants to “meddle” in. He’d rather support tin horn dictators like Chavez and Zelaya, than the brave people taking a stand against their brutal regimes.

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