Zuck Loses $70 Billion, Mocked by Street Artists as Facebook Reels From the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Not that social media is private to begin with, but Zuck took it to another level.

From The Financial Post


Shares of Facebook Inc fell again on Monday after the U.S. consumer protection regulator made public its investigation of how the social network allowed data of 50 million users to get into the hands of political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

Scrutiny by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, which generally confirms the existence of an investigation only in cases of significant public interest, adds to pressure by lawmakers in the United States and Europe for Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to explain how his company handles user data.
Facebook shares fell as much as 6.5 per cent, briefly dipping below US$150 for the first time since July 2017, before recovering the day’s losses to close up 0.4 per cent at US$160.06.

The shares are still down 13 per cent since March 16, when Facebook first acknowledged that user data had been improperly channeled to Cambridge Analytica. The company has lost more than $70 billion in market value since then.

At the day’s session low the company had lost US$100 billion in market value since March 17, when newspapers first reported that Facebook member data was improperly used by consultants Cambridge Analytica to target U.S. and British voters in close-run elections.

……Fewer than half of Americans trust Facebook to obey U.S. privacy laws, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Sunday…


Here’s the icing on the cake, via Zerohedge:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has found himself with few friends in Silicon Valley in the wake of the massive data harvesting scandal.

Tim Cook and Elon Musk are perhaps the highest profile tech leaders to criticize Facebook for playing fast and loose with user data – along with Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff and Whatspp founder Brian Acton, whose company Facebook bought for $22 billion.

……Zuck’s been Sabo’d

While Facebook stock has been kneecapped to the tune of around 16% since the Cambridge Analytica story broke – and down 20% since February all-time highs, Mark Zuckerberg has been given “the treatment” by notorious conservative street artist, Sabo.

Banners reading “You can’t watch your kids 24/7, but we can” were put up in Times Square and several other public locations on Monday night – along with fake street signs warning “Caution, Facebook sells your data.”

Several of the signs feature a grotesque graphic of Zuckerberg’s face melting into Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) – along with other mentions of the Senate Minority Leader whose daughter works for Facebook.

……Sabo’s hatred of Zuckerberg is nothing new – as the street artist plastered several posters around Pasadena last August reading “Fuck Zuck 2020” in response to rumors that the Facebook CEO was considering a run for President in 2020.

Meanwhile, artist and nephew of former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd painted a mural of Zuckerberg “forgetting his human mask.”



Aside from the blatant violation of privacy and data sharing, Facebook should be slammed for its selective, biased  “community standards” and censorship.

Conservative sites have been suspended over Zuckerberg’s political preferences, but leftie blogs and muzzie pro-terrorist Facebook pages are relatively unscathed.

Their ‘support’ minions allow videos showing adults explaining masturbation to children, permitted death threats from muzzies towards political pundits, and he kowtowed over the violent objections to caricatures of mohammad.  And since Zuck  is such a big fan of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ thugs, he forced curators to insert propaganda about the group into ‘trending’ news feeds.

In what can only be describes as the quintessential example of bias, Lauren Southern, a conservative commentator, was put in Facebook jail for 30 days because she posted a comment that criticized the left-leaning hierarchy’s habit of censoring opposing viewpoints.

Zuck deserves every bit of shit he gets . It couldn’t happen to a better douchebag.



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