Zuck Removes Posts Promoting Organized Protests Against the Government COVIDIOCY

Zuck is such a tool, if wrenches became sentient they’d be jealous.




BTW: Zuck contacted the governors, not the other way around:

Governors have denied reports that they instructed Facebook to remove pages promoting protests against strict stay-at-home orders, saying that the company reached out to them — not the other way around.

The Nebraska governor’s office told Breitbart News:

“The Governor’s Office is not aware of any Facebook events regarding COVID-19 protests, and has not requested Facebook to pull any events down. Facebook reached out last week to learn more about Nebraska’s social distancing restrictions, and the Governor’s staff provided already publicly available information about Nebraska’s ten-person limit and Directed Health Measures.”

New Jersey’s governor issued a similar denial: “”The governor’s office did not ask Facebook to remove pages or posts for events promoting lifting the provisions of the governor’s stay-at-home order.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom confirmed in a press conference Monday that the California Highway Patrol had issued a permit for a protest in vehicles that observed “social distancing” requirements. Breitbart News has reached out to Newsom’s office for comment about Facebook’s reported actions.

Earlier Monday, CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy reported that Facebook had taken down pages linked to protests against the “quarantine.” He specifically mentioned California, New Jersey, and Nebraska.


When the media gets caught spewing false information, they just change the narrative:

Politico originally reported: “Facebook shuts down anti-quarantine protests at states’ request.” The article noted: “The world’s largest social network has already removed protest messages in California, New Jersey and Nebraska from its site at the urging of state governments who say those events are prohibited by stay-at-home orders, a [Facebook] spokesperson said” (emphasis added).

A later version of the same Politico article bore the new headline: “Republicans attack Facebook as network shuts down anti-lockdown protests.” The claim that Facebook had acted “at the urging of state governments” had been removed. Instead, Politico reported that a Facebook spokesperson “had been instructed by those state governments that the events are prohibited under the lockdown and social distancing orders that authorities have issued in response to the coronavirus pandemic.”


This is from the satire site Babylon Bee. It’s right on the money:


The leftwing media does everything it can to push the hysteria and squelch dissent. This manufactured crisis has the media in a tailspin. They hate President Trump, so they politicize everything. Compare the H1N1 (Swine Flu) response when Obama’s regime was in the White House. 60 million Americans were infected. 300,000 hospitalized. 17,000 deaths. World wide, there were 575,400 deaths. No panic, no shutdowns, no hysteria, no 24 hours a day infomercials for hypochondriac and germaphobes. Now that President Trump is in office, it’s Orange Man Bad, COVID is going to kill everybody, and it’s his fault.

Fed up Americans demand that their governors reopen their states for business.

MichiganVirginiaNorth Carolina, MinnesotaKentuckyUtah, and Ohio are the latest states where citizens have held Tea Party-style protests against the draconian shutdowns and police state tactics. Even state lawmakers are demanding an end to the stupidity.

More protests are scheduled to take place in Pennsylvania, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington state.

The COVIDIOCY-inspired police state has reached the point where citizens are raising hell and refusing to bow to the edicts of power-hungry politicians.

The draconian bullshit will end soon whether the government likes it or not.

This should have never happened in the first place. Don’t shut down an entire country over a common virus that will run its course regardless of the “social distancing”, “isolation” and hiding under your bed.

Never forget: A government drunk with power is more dangerous than a virus.




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