The Cleveland Browns Season is Over

Football just isn’t much fun when your team sucks. The first two games that they should have won but lost by three points, is an indication of how bad this season is going to be. Good defense, lousy offense. There’s a reason why Jake Delhomme was traded.

Some of Delhomme’s stats on the 2009 Carolina Panthers:

GP: 11

Completions: 178

Attempts: 321

Percentage: 55.5

Yards: 2015

TDs: 8

Interceptions: 18

Rating: 59.4

In other words, getting Delhomme as a quarterback was not an upgrade.

I’ll be surprised if Eric Mangini is still coach at mid-season. There are a few good players—Josh Cribbs, Mohamed Massaquoi, Jerome Harrison—but there’s really no depth to the team.   Teams like the Browns always find a way to beat themselves; they’ve been pulling defeat from the jaws of victory since The Drive and The Fumble in the 1980’s.

The Browns are now 0-3. If they keep this up, they’ll match the 0-16 record of the 2008 Detroit Lions. That’s not a far-fetched pronouncement, given the brutal schedule ahead.

I’ve been a die-hard Browns fan since 1964.  Right now, my patience and enthusiasm are finally at death’s door.

I really hope I’m wrong, and I’ll be happy if proved as such.   But with the Brown’s reputation of playing for only half a game, interceptions, stupid penalties, and failure to capitalize on turnovers, it’s doubtful.

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