A Contrast Between Reality and Vacuous Pandering

The first example¬†from Jimmy Carter, an abject failure who never met a dictator he didn’t like.


And Barky’s statement, which is dripping with slimy ambiguity.


Castro’s victims are unavailable for comment.

Canada’s leftwingnut Prime Minister took a well-deserved bashing for his insipid praise for Castro.

Then there’s this from the guy who will be President in January 2017:


Trump’s statement is the only one that reflects the reality of the devastation left in Castro’s wake. The rest of the litany of comments by political leaders and leftie journalists are a pile of nauseating mush.

So far, Trump is the only one with the decency to be forthright and honest about Castro’s bloody legacy. Hopefully, that candor will be a standard throughout his term.

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