A milestone you won’t see in the MSM

The number of dead bad guys has reached new levels: 

Sometime on December 27, 2007, in a fierce gun battle in Al Kut, a milestone was reached.
20,000 terrorists have been killed by our troops in Iraq.
Number 20,000 was a Shia, working for a Special Groups cell supplied by Iran and operating in defiance of Sadr’s orders.

Link: http://terroristdeathwatch.com/

Where is the NBC-ABC-CBS-PBS-CNN conglomerate on this? Oh, that’s right. Their anal fixation with body counts only applies to those they deem “innocent victims” and maybe the occasional American casualty. There’s scant coverage of the bravery and the good fight being waged by the military, but any bad news they can pervert into anti-war propaganda gets all kinds of attention.

Come to think of it, there hasn’t been much bad news lately from Iraq or Afghanistan has there? If not for the shit happening in Pakistan right now, the lead stories would still be on the presidential candidates and the latest Brittany Spears screw up.

1 thought on “A milestone you won’t see in the MSM”


    Don’t ya just love it when the establishment press throws it’s own playbook down the crapper like that terrorist did at Gitmo with his Koran? Ah, the sweet irony and poetic justice of it all . . .

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