A Rarity: CBS’s Lara Logan Counters Katie Couric

Wow.  You don’t see this kind of exchange very often between two employees of a left-leaning network.

Via NewsBusters.

CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric asked her about how the documents cite “the number of Afghan civilians who have been killed. How do you think this will damage the war effort?” Logan took the question in another direction:

“Well, the issue of civilian casualties is a major one and the U.S. has taken a lot of criticism because of this. However, what’s interesting to note that is according to the documents, 195 Afghan civilians have been killed. But also according to the documents, two thousand Afghan civilians have been killed by the Taliban, which is more than ten times the number said to be killed by U.S. and NATO forces. And very little is being made of that. The coverage would indicate that it’s more of an issue for the U.S. to kill Afghan civilians than it is for the Taliban to do so.”

The Left also has more of an issue with what it takes to kill Al Qaeda than the atrocities and terrorism they commit.
Civilians die in every war. WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam (especially the Communist-controlled aftermath), resulted in millions of civilian deaths.
Civilian casualties don’t become an issue unless the Left doesn’t like the selection of combatants. (READ: American forces fighting against Communist/Islamofascist enemies)

Kudos to Logan. Unfortunately, that truthful statement of hers isn’t likely to be repeated by any of her colleagues.

2 thoughts on “A Rarity: CBS’s Lara Logan Counters Katie Couric”

    1. Ben,
      All sides killed a lot of civilians in WWII, which is about the only war that Lefties don’t complain about.

      Muslims’ “hearts and minds” are stuck in a 7th Century screed. Screw their “hearts and minds”. Kill em’ all and let allah sort em’ out.

      Wassa matta Ben, don’t like the selection of combatants?

      *rolls eyes*

      SFC MAC

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