A Reminder to Left: Why Trump Won

From the Spectator

It happened because you banned super-size sodas. And smoking in parks. And offensive ideas on campus. Because you branded people who oppose gay marriage ‘homophobic’, and people unsure about immigration ‘racist’.

Because you treated owning a gun and never having eaten quinoa as signifiers of fascism. Because you thought correcting people’s attitudes was more important than finding them jobs. Because you turned ‘white man’ from a description into an insult. Because you used slurs like ‘denier’ and ‘dangerous’ against anyone who doesn’t share your eco-pieties.

Because you treated dissent as hate speech and criticism of Obama as extremism. Because you talked more about gender-neutral toilets than about home repossessions. Because you beatified Caitlyn Jenner. Because you policed people’s language, rubbished their parenting skills, took the piss out of their beliefs.

Because you cried when someone mocked the Koran but laughed when they mocked the Bible. Because you said criticising Islam is Islamophobia. Because you kept telling people, ‘You can’t think that, you can’t say that, you can’t do that.’

Because you turned politics from something done by and for people to something done to them, for their own good. Because you treated people like trash. And people don’t like being treated like trash. Trump happened because of you.


The Left’s condescending smears are widely illustrated in social media. Stuart Rothenberg, senior editor at Inside Elections,  brought the haterade to the people of West Virginia.

The Dems and their political tools in the media and academia are pretty adept at marginalizing people who don’t fit with their arrogant world view.  The only people who support the GOP, the Tea Party, and especially Trump, are  ‘dirty ignorant redneck hillbilly inbred crackers’.

Stereotypes are very unPC unless the target is despised by the Left.  That usually means white working class people. Minorities, on the other hand, are patronized and exploited for their vote.

Rothenberg’s dismissive sneer at poor whites is an excellent example of why Trump was elected and will likely be reelected.

Another tactic of the Left is to incessantly harp on the wealth of Trump’s family.  In spite of setbacks, bankruptcies, and recessions,  he made bold business decisions that always helped him bounce back.

They conveniently forget that Dem politicians are not impoverished.  Hillary and Bubba’s shady business deals and the corrupt money laundering/pay for political favors  Clinton Foundation, have lined their pockets with millions of dollars.

Ten of the wealthiest people in Congress are Dems.   The Top 20 Richest People in America (from Forbes Top 100) reveals that a full 60% are actually Democrats.

We elected Trump because we’re sick of the status quo; the swamp needs draining.  We want him to do everything he can to reverse the damage Barky and the Dems did to America.

Right now, he’s doing just that.

After 40 years of Dems using accusations of bigotry, sexism, racism, and  exploiting minorities,  Americans are fed up with the shit. It’s worn thin.

So, to all the tantrum-throwing children and thugs: Hillary (thank god) lost. The only thing for you to do now is jump in front of a train.




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