Aftermath of Texas College Stabbing: “We wish we could protect ourselves with guns”

Nutbag Dylan Quick, who won’t be politicized because he used a knife instead of a gun.

From the Washington Times.

In the chaotic aftermath of a Houston campus mass stabbing Tuesday, a  Lone Star Community College student gave a brutally honest interview with Fox News, lamenting the fact that students can’t carry firearms to protect themselves and others.

“God protected us in our classroom,” he said. “We wish we could protect ourselves with guns and stuff. We wish that the law would let us carry guns because we’re legal adults, [to] carry guns on campus to protect ourselves. But so far all we have to rely on is God. But we would love to have God and the law on our side.”

Sorry kid. When it comes to the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to protect yourself from schizoids and criminals, the Dems aren’t very sympathetic.

He fantasized about his spree for a long time.

A student who told police he fantasized about stabbing people since he was eight years old was charged Tuesday with carrying out a building-to-building attack at a Texas community college that wounded at least 14 people, many of whom were stabbed in the face and neck, authorities said.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that 20-year-old Dylan Quick used a razor utility knife, and that he told investigators he’d been planning the attack at the suburban Houston campus for some time.

Quick was scheduled to appear in front of a judge late Tuesday night, but is considered a mental health patient and was not immediately bought to court to hear charges against him, KTRK, an ABC affiliate reported.

He was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and held on $300,000 bail. It wasn’t immediately clear if additional charges would be filed.

I have fantasies that in a perfect world, assholes like Quick would be subjected to the same pain they inflicted on others.

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