Ahmadinejad Makes His Annual Anti-U.S. Speech Before the U.N.

The U.N. is a perfect forum for this asswipe.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke to the United Nations General Assembly this afternoon, sharing some rather provocative rhetoric over the United States worst terrorist attack in history. Ahmadinejad suggested to the assembled diplomats, ambassadors and world leaders that the events that occurred on 9/11 were actually orchestrated by the U.S. Government.. This prompted the U.S. delegation to abruptly leave the assembly hall while many other national delegates followed suit.

Obama feigned indignation by declaring the accusation to be “offensive”.  He makes fatuous statements, referring to the muslim pigs who attacked us on 9/11 as just “a sorry band of men”, gives apologetic speeches before the U.N., and he wonders why the hell an asshole like Ahmadinejad feels free to pick up where he left off:

I took office at a time when many around the world had come to view America with skepticism and distrust. Part of this was due to misperceptions and misinformation about my country. Part of this was due to opposition to specific policies, and a belief that on certain critical issues, America has acted unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others. This has fed an almost reflexive anti-Americanism, which too often has served as an excuse for our collective inaction.
—Obama, from his 2009 U.N. speech

The regular parade of anti-American despots at the U.N. bully pulpit is another reason why it should be kicked out of our country.

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