Al Gore Refuses to Answer Climategate Questions, Shuts Off Mic

Deny…dismiss…sidestep…tapdance….clam up….forbid debate…It’s starting to look like Al’s embarrassed over the Inconvenient Truth.

In several recent interviews the former vice president said that the Climategate emails were “sound and fury signifying nothing…the most recent one is more than 10 years old.”

However the reality is that the most recent email from Climategate is less than two months old. The emails undermine the science of Climate Alarmism and that is why the alarmists are so reluctant to address them or like Gore they make factually incorrect statements about how relevant they are.

Gore says he cares a lot about science and scientific accuracy. His whole theory of Climate Alarmism depends on it but today at the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Conference he refused several opportunities to correct the record when asked about his errors by journalist and film maker Phelim McAleer. Instead his Press Secretary grabbed McAleer’s microphone to stop questions being put to the (former) vice-president.

In the melee a UN security guard also disconnected McAleer’s microphone.

This came a few days after an armed security guard ordered McAleer to stop filming at a press conference where he was asking prominent climate alarmist Stephen Schneider questions about Climategate.

The dated emails are indicative of the fact that the cover-up has been going on for at least a decade.
The problem is, Gore and the rest of the “global warming” gang know that the science is far from “settled”; it’s a fraud. The more they run from the glare of scrutiny, the more they make collective asses out of themselves.

This is not the first time Gore has shunned questions.

Gore’s standard response:

More here:

This Copenhagen circus is serving as a showcase for the idiocy and bogus nature of junk science.
Let’s hope people pay attention to this laughing stock and bring the “climate change” scam to a halt.

3 thoughts on “Al Gore Refuses to Answer Climategate Questions, Shuts Off Mic”

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  2. What a sham that Phelim McAlee is! Al Gore was being shuttled through massive amounts of people to an event where he was probably speaking on stage. His press secretary repeatedly said that they were not taking interviews at this time. His behavior was that of a paparazzi, not a real journalist (who would have known that this was an inappropriate time to get an interview). I don’t think Gore even heard the question and the microphone was likely disconnected due to McAlee’s inappropriate harassing. There are plenty of opportunities in Copenhagen for formal press events, including with Al Gore. However, McAlee did not attend the Gore press event as it coincided with the Schneider event that he commandeered away from other journalists.

    1. Arlo,

      Wake up. Shake those cobwebs out of your skull.

      Speaking of a sham: ‘Man-made climate change’ is a farce of which Al is part and parcel. He refuses to answer hard questions even during press conferences and public debates. He shuts down any attempt to confront his convoluted “theories”.
      You obviously skipped the part of my post which pointed this out:

      This is not the first time Gore has shunned questions.
      Link to video:

      Gore considers serious questions, even during formal Q&A sessions, as “harassment”.

      The “opportunities” in Copenhagen will present similar obstacles. The summit is designed as a soapbox for the climate change racket; not as a forum for debate.

      SFC MAC

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