Al Jazeera to Olympia “Peace” Protestors: ‘We want pictures’

The ‘useful idiot’ advantage of the of the anti-war crowd:

Subject: [OMJP] URGENT – Atten videographers
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 09:28:35 -0800
From: Sandy Mayes
To: omjp, PMR

Al Jazeera English wants footage of recent Olympia protests/ blockades. They would like “broadcast quality” if possible but say that if the footage is dramatic enough, “YouTube” quality might be OK. One of their producers just called and I told her I would send a list of videographer contact info along with links to footage. Please reply to this message
ASAP providing your contact info and indicating which footage is yours.

They want to cover it while the story is still current — they might even send someone to the march and rally tomorrow.

That little missive was posted on the website of the “Olympians For Peace”. These moonbats have vandalized, assaulted, and committed anarchy in their efforts to block shipments coming in from Iraq, to  Olympia Washington. Their “tactics” include pouring cement on railroad tracks, blocking traffic, smashing windows, spray-painting anarchist graffiti, threatening news photographers, and using kids as ‘human shields’. The worthless Washington State Governor has yet to call out the National Guard to provide security and maybe knock a few heads.
Now, Al Jazeera wants some propaganda footage for its “news coverage”. I bet we see some of it on Ayman al-Zawahri’s next video.

Looks like the convoys are accomplishing the mission anyway:

OLYMPIA — Demonstrators gathered at the Port of Olympia’s main gate Tuesday night to block military shipments from the port to Fort Lewis, but the Army outflanked them and moved several convoys out another gate.
Olympia police in riot gear wore gas masks as they prepared to remove protesters from the main entrance about 11 p.m. At the same time, military convoys left for Fort Lewis from the port exit to Marine Drive.

Protesters ran to the Marine Drive location and attempted to block the convoy, and police responded to protesters blocking Stryker vehicles by shooting pepper-spray bullets and pepper spray into the crowd. A witness said police also threw two concussion grenades into the crowd.

About 50 people were arrested Tuesday night, police said.

Convoys continued into this morning, and a convoy moved shortly after 1:30 a.m.

Olympia Police Lt. Jim Costa said Tuesday night, “We’re going to keep moving equipment as long as we can.”


Too bad they didn’t run the assholes over.

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