Al ‘The Rat’ Sharpton Became FBI Informant to Avoid Getting Busted for Cocaine

According to him, he should have gotten a parade.

From the NY Post.

The Rev. Al Sharpton may claim he wore a wire for the feds because he had been threatened by the mob — but a new report says he turned rat to save himself after a federal drug sting.
The FBI “flipped” the bombastic reverend after agents confronted him with a surveillance video showing him discussing cocaine with an ­undercover agent, The Smoking Gun Web site said Wednesday.

During that March 1983 conversation, Sharpton wore a cowboy-like hat that was garish even by the rabble-rousing preacher’s 1980s standards.
He later showed up at a Manhattan apartment for another meeting that June with the agent, who was posing as a “former South American druglord seeking to launder money through boxing promotions,” the report said.

Instead, Sharpton was met by G-men who were not undercover — and who showed him the “drug” video, the Web site said, citing a source familiar with Sharpton’s secret FBI file.

“The panicked reverend agreed — on the spot — to cooperate with federal agents,” The Smoking Gun said.

Nice hat, Al.

Sharpton has quite a history of criminal activity. In 1995, he whipped up a black mob into a frenzy against an innocent  Jewish Harlem businessman, that resulted in arson and 8 deaths. In 2007, he was caught in an FBI sting improperly ‘misstating’ the amount of money he raised during his 2004 White House run, to illegally obtain federal matching funds.  And his incitement of violent race-baiting mobs is legendary.

He’s been involved in lots of shady criminal deals since the civil rights movement in the 1960s. I always wondered how he got so wealthy without any visible means of support.



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