Albany Democrat Councilmember Wants to Jump-Start ‘Spreading the Wealth’

Albany Common Council members say they’ll figure out a plan to make sure non-unionized city employees get raises. Mayor Jerry Jennings has proposed eliminating raises and several other cuts in his 2009 budget proposal which calls for less spending with a property tax increase of nearly five percent.

Councilman Glen Casey said he proposes giving non-unionized employees who make more than $55,000 a year take 10 days of mandatory unpaid time off.
Casey said he would then use the savings to give raises to those who make under $40,000 a year.

What about taking from those who’ve earned their wage and giving to those who haven’t don’t you Obama-supporting idiots understand? Don’t you realize that this could happen to you, or are you so blinded by THE ONE’s aura that none of it matters?

Let me be more succinct: Mr. Hopey-Changeytude will pilfer your wallets right along with everyone else he deems is making too much money for their own good.

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